Ali Larter To Reprise Her Role As Claire Redfield Opposite Milla Jovovich In ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Ali Larter To Reprise Her Role As Claire Redfield Opposite Milla Jovovich In ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’
Ali Larter

A popular face from both the “Resident Evil” movies and video games will once again amuse the fans in “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.” Ali Larter, who is best known for her dual roles of Niki Sanders and Tracy Strauss on the sci-fi drama “Heroes,” will be back in the Paul WS Anderson-directed sequel. Read below to get a scoop of it.

Deadline brings the confirmation that Larter will reprise her role as Claire Redfield in the sixth and final film of the “Resident Evil” franchise. She was last seen playing the role of the same character in the 2010 release “Resident Evil: After life.”

Larter joins the cast of “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” that includes the other famous actors like “Prison Break” star Wentworth Miller and Milla Jovovich who would play the roles of Chris Redfield, brother of Larter’s character as Claire, and Alice, the lead protagonist respectively. Alongside, Larter is reportedly co-starring Sean Bean on the TNT drama series “Legends” season 2, which is so far known to premiere in Sept. 2015.

The filming of “Resident Evil’s” final sequel was earlier all set to kick off in South Africa in Aug. 2014. However, Anderson pushed it back to the summer of 2015 as he and his wife Jovovich were expecting their second child.

On April 2015, Anderson and Jovovich became parents of their second daughter. After that, Anderson must have planned when to start the filming. Recent report revealed that the principal photography would start in this September in South Africa. Jovovich earlier confirmed through her Instagram post that the preparations already started on July 19, 2015.

The movie is so far known to be filmed in 3D. The movie is reportedly said to be produced by Impact Pictures’ Jeremy Bolt, Constantin Film’s Robert Kulzer, Davis-Films’ Samuel Hadida, and Anderson, whereas Martin Moszkowicz is serving as executive producer.

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