Alicia DiMichele Reveals Her Thoughts on Returning to “Mob Wives”

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Alicia DiMichele Reveals Her Thoughts on Returning to “Mob Wives”

Alicia DiMichele may not appear anymore on “Mob Wives” Season 5, but she was still a subject on the show’s Reunion Part 1. In an interview with VH1, DiMichele shared her thoughts regarding the matter. Read on to find out.

As seen on the reunion, Natalie “Nat G.” Guercio claimed having a feud with Karen Gravano because of her “bestfriend,” DiMichele. However, in DiMichele’s interview, she cleared the issue by saying that her bestfriend would always be his brother. She described Nat G. as her “dear friend” and said that she is lucky to have her in her life. She made it clear that she “never asked” for anyone to fight for her.

DiMichele told VH1 that she did not expect her name to come up. She left the show to be with her family to settle some legal issues. She explained that she was busy with her personal life and had no time to watch the show. She said that her family and business are more important than television.

Gravano claimed the idea ridiculous of DiMichele getting affected of her murdered father-in-law whom she barely knew. On the other hand, DiMichele thought Gravano’s claim was ridiculous. She explained that her father-in-law’s life became an inspiration to her and her children.

About her friendship with Gravano, DiMichele said that it would be too hard to stay friends with Gravano because of contrasting personalities and family history. She admitted that it would have been a different result when they were more respectful or cordial with each other.

DiMichele is asked about Drita D’Avanzo’s anger to Nat G. She said that she is never surprised with the sudden feuds among co-stars. Again, she emphasized that she did not watch the season.

Lastly, is DiMichele coming back to “Mob Wives”? She thought coming back in the show would make no sense. She explained that she has new aspirations and goals that require her to look forward, not backward.

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