‘Alien 5’ Movie Update: Sigourney Weaver Reprises Her Role as Ellen Ripley?

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
‘Alien 5’ Movie Update: Sigourney Weaver Reprises Her Role as Ellen Ripley?
‘Alien 5’ movie update: Sigourney Weaver to reprise her role

“Aliens” is a popular classic series for science fiction movie lovers. The series is based on Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley played by seven-time Golden Globe Award nominee Sigourney Weaver and her clashes with Aliens. What can fans expect from the “Alien: Resurrection” sequel? Read on to learn more about this scoop.

The “Alien” series took off in the year 1979 and progressed with three successive sequels with the latest one being the most talked about, as mentioned in its Wikipedia page. The first part of 1979 is considered as the masterpiece of all, it is one of the films that had set a benchmark of creativity and spectacular imagination of all. Even after so many years of its release and technically more advanced sequels, it remains one of the favorite for most.

The “Alien” franchise has gone through various mind sets of directors and production crews with the enhanced conceptualization of Aliens. The most talked about of tinsel town these days is “Alien 5,” which will be directed by Neill Blomkamp. Fans are eager to lookout for the reappearance of Sigourney Weaver who is said to play to her role as Ellen Ripley to battle once again with Xenomorph, Master Herald reported.

Since the film is already talked about quite a lot now, most.  The fans presume an exceptionally distinctive “Alien 5” making a connection to its first part which is the most favourite of all series. It is said to fall in the timeline of the original two entries like a trilogy. There are many possibilities for the team to get the crowd on edge by bringing together innovative technical skills and interesting ideas in the storyline. Also, the director has been cautious of not overlapping the ideas and details of “Alien 5” with “Prometheus 2” which falls in the same genre as they are quite similar with their storylines.

Alien fans look at how “Alien 3,” “Alien: Resurrection,” “AVP,” “Colonial Marines” and “Prometheus” all turned out as one and all are going crazy about the idea of Blomkamp behind a Xenomorph picture. Yes, “Alien 5” will be compared to the previous version and similar genres by the fans and we hope comes out as a super block buster.

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