‘Alien 5,’ ‘Prometheus 2’ And Reboot For ‘Predator’ Are In The Works: What’s More!

By Pradeep Singh | 2 years ago
‘Alien 5,’ ‘Prometheus 2’ And Reboot For ‘Predator’ Are In The Works: What’s More!

Fans will enjoy the Aliens soon, as three movies are in the works, featuring the deadly creatures in different ways. The reboot for “Predator,” “Prometheus 2” and “Alien 5” are the films that have been hinted of featuring Aliens. Read on to know more details.

In a recent interview, “Alien 5″ director Neill Blomkamp said that the movie would not overlap with “Prometheus 2.” He had been in touch with director Ridley Scott ensuring the delivery of something memorable and unique to the Alien-fans.

It means fans can watch the movies in two different light. Both films will have their own attracting factors basing upon their directors. Master Herald reported that fans are sure to enjoy Blomkamp and Scott’s merger of ideas on some specific areas, including how they handle their respective productions.

It is believed that Blomkamp’s “Alien 5” will be a throwback to the original “Alien” movie. Blomkamp has said that he cares about the first two movies of this sequel, and jokingly said that his present movie can be called as “Alien 3.”

However, he did not divulge anything regarding the title of the film, but specified submission of a “quite bold” idea on the title to Ridley Scottat, which the latter appreciated. As Blomkamp is not sure whether this idea can taste success, so he first wants to test it before going with it. Besides, he didn’t want to made the title public, as the plot of the film would be spoiled. But as per sources, he may go with the title “Alien 5.”

Meanwhile, “Prometheus 2” of Ridley Scott will see Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace in their original roles. Fans will see the main characters going back to the homeworld of the alien species’ creators. If sources, are to be believed, Sigourney Weaver may cast for both “Alien 5” and “Prometheus 2.”

“Prometheus 2” is likely to hit theatres on Mar. 2, 2016 while the release of “Alien 5” is not sure as of now.

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