Alien: Covenant – James Franco’s Original Bigger Role Revealed

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
Alien: Covenant – James Franco’s Original Bigger Role Revealed
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James Franco was supposed to have a bigger role in Sir Scott Ridley’s Alien: Covenant. In a recent interview, screenwriter Dante Harper revealed what they originally planned for the Oscar-nominated actor.

Branson’s Demise

(Warning: Alien: Covenant Spoilers)

The movie follows Covenant, a ship carrying two thousand humans and another one thousand embryos on their way to colonize a remote planet called Origae-6. The crew consists of Franco’s Branson, the captain of the ship, and his wife Daniels played by Katherine Waterstons, Billy Crudup’s Oram, Danny McBride’s Tennessee, Carmen Rjogo’s Karine and others.

During their long travel toward their new home among the stars, the Covenant was hit by a destructive neutrino burst that forced the android named Walter (Michael Fassbender) wake up the crew and land in an uncharted nearby paradise planet. Eventually, horror and chaos ensue.

Franco’s Branson did not even make it out of the ship and meet the blood-thirsty aliens that inhabit their universe. When Walter woke the crew from their cryosleep, Branson’s pod caught on fire and burned him alive. Thus, ending the journey of the ship captain across the universe.

However, Harper shared that his story was not supposed to end as abruptly as it did.

“Originally, the James Franco character was part of what was a larger storyline, involving learning a little more about his background and actually getting to see some of his dreams that he’d had while he was asleep,” he stated via Comic Book. “It had to do with the backstory of both Daniels as well as Billy Crudup’s character, Oram.”

The death of the character was necessary in order to bring Covenant to the mysterious paradise planet and, ultimately, to the crew’s brutal deaths. Oram, the second in command, was a much less efficient leader than Branson.

Ridley’s idea, however, has always included a captain who makes terrible decisions that led to lethal results. Even if the movie stuck to the original script, Branson will still be “absent” in order to let the inferior captain make some terrible decisions that will lead the crew to the discovery of the aliens.

Alien: Covenant Box Office Performance

The sequel to 2012’s Prometheus opened last week, May 19 (Friday), in the U.S. So far, it has received mixed reactions from fans and critics. The consensus, however, has decided that it is a mile better than its predecessor.

The movie amped up the horror and suspense this time around. In fact, the VFX people shared in a previous interview that filming reportedly required fifty-gallon tubs of fake blood.

Alien: Covenant is ripping its competitors apart. It has overtaken Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which is not in its third week, at the global box office with a $30.3 million gross, reported Variety. In comparison, Gunn’s follow-up to the space superhero movie from 2014 added about $28 million, bringing its total to $646.9 million.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword which stars Charlie Hunnam still has not found its audience with just $34.6 million earning this weekend. After two weeks at the box office, the historical retelling has made a total of $93. 4 million and still well below its estimated production budget.

The newest installment of the Alien franchise has been open for two weeks now. It premiered in London on May 4 and proceeded to open in international markets. It so far has reached a running total of $117.8 million. As of this writing, it has already passed its estimated budget f $97 million.

Moreover, it is yet to open in the second largest market in the world: China. The Asian superpower has helped propel the success of Fate of the Furious which now sits as the best-grossing movie in the history of Hollywood.

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