Alien: Covenant – Michael Fassbender Discusses Changes in David, Walter’s Personality

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
Alien: Covenant – Michael Fassbender Discusses Changes in David, Walter’s Personality
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Michael Fassbender will play the role of two very different androids in Sir Scott Ridley’s Alien: Covenant. In an interview, the 40-year-old talked about his dual roles in the upcoming movie and how the two characters will be different. Find out below.

Prometheus’ David Unbound

To recall, Fassbender’s David ultimately caused the demise of the Prometheus crew which happened ten years ago in the cinematic universe. Because of his loyalty to his creator Peter Weyland, the android collected samples from the planet, used one of the crew members as an unknowing test subject and, basically, sabotaged the mission on behalf of his “father.”

In Covenant, things are about to change. According to Fassbender, David will not be as loyal to his creator anymore.

“Well, we sort of saw in Prometheus the concept of David witnessing Weyland meeting his creator, and so David was in some respects, as Peter Weyland was, in awe of his creator,” he told Collider. However, David has also witnessed Wayland’s faults and mortality and the android are not impressed. “I think he’s moved on,” the actor added.

Moreover, the Assassin’s Creed star thinks that David has become more human since his days serving in Prometheus. The android created by Wayland has all sorts of frailties like insecurity, ego, rage, envy and pride.

But just as he caused the downfall of the Prometheus voyage, David might also bring trouble to the crew of Covenant. In a sneak peek released by 20th Century Fox at the Las Vegas CinemaCon, David gives Christopher (Billy Crudup) a tour of his workshop where he harbors genetically-engineered creatures. Will he clash with the next generation of android named Walter?

Walter Rises

Meanwhile, Fassbender will also play the role of Walter, a new artificial intelligence-powered android. Unlike his predecessors, Walter does not have human traits and, therefore, does not falter.

The two-time Oscar-nominated actor explained that Walter is an efficient butler and bodyguard to the crew aboard Covenant. Compared to the androids introduced in the original movies as well as the prequels, this synth is the most perfect of them all. Fassbender stated that Walter’s sole purpose is to serve his duty.

But the perfection of his programming also means that he has less human qualities. Even if Daniels (Katherine Waterston) seems to have a close relationship with Walter in Alien: Covenant, the android does not regard her as anything other than a master to serve. Fassbender compares his new character to Star Trek‘s Spock in a sense that neither one of them have the capacity for emotional involvement.

The Irish actor also said that Walter is closer to the character portrayed by Ian Holms in the original Alien movie. Ash was originally programmed to bring back the alien life form.

However, David does see Walter as family regardless of their significant differences. The actor said David thinks of Walter as a student or a younger brother.

David’s Relationship With Elizabeth Shaw in Alien: Covenant

After spending ten years together, David and Elizabeth Shaw’s (Noomi Repace) has also changed. The last time viewers saw both characters, David was just a decapitated head and Shaw was the sole survivor. They jet off toward the Engineer’s home planet.

Fast-forward to Alien: Covenant, David and Shaw have both grown like an old married couple. Fassbender said there is real affection between the last survivors of Prometheus, but David often gets into Shaw’s nerves. However, because they have been through a lot, “there is a bond there, for sure.”

Alien: Covenant will be in theaters on May 19. In the meantime, watch new teasers below.

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