Alien: Covenant – Sir Ridley Scott Teases Grim Fates of Prometheus’ David, Elizabeth Shaw

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
Alien: Covenant – Sir Ridley Scott Teases Grim Fates of Prometheus’ David, Elizabeth Shaw
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Alien: Covenant will introduce a new set of characters as a new crew make their voyage toward a mysterious paradise planet. However, the two surviving characters from Prometheus are also expected to appear. Two months before the movie’s theatrical release, Sir Ridley Scott teased the roles that Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and android David will play in the sequel. Spoiler alert: it does not look good.

Survivors of Prometheus Voyage

The first movie in the revived sci-fi franchise ended tragically. The entire crew of Prometheus died except for two: Noomi Repace’s Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and an incapacitated David. While the two are not part of the next Covenant mission, they will play an important role in the upcoming movie.

At SXSW, Scott talked to Fandango and hinted at the not-so-happy ending of Dr. Shaw’s story. According to the filmmaker, Repace’s character will return because she will be necessary to what David has planned.

“Yes, in a way,” Scott confirmed about the actress’ involvement in Alien: Covenant. However, it sounds like something grim happened to her. Scott added that Dr. Shaw will not not appear in the movie fully. “She was  integral to what David carried out later.”

Since the first movie, David has been established as one sinister character. His arrogance as well as his loyalty to Peter Wayland (Guy Pearce) caused the eventual end of the crew of Prometheus. His actions before the Covenant ship arrives might also affect the new set of characters.

While Scott did not detail what the android did and how it has affected Dr. Shaw. But the audience at the SXSW might have already seen what happened to the last human survivor of Prometheus. According to Bloody Disgusting, Scott and the cast of the upcoming movie previewed a scene from Alien: Covenant that hints at the birth of the Xenomorphs.

David’s Creation

According to the site, the scene in question shows David giving Christopher (Billy Crudup), the captain of Covenant, a tour of his workshop. The android shows his the genetically-engineered creatures that he has been working on since the end of Prometheus. David reveals that the familiar-looking eggs need a human host.

While the scene did not explicitly say what happened to Dr. Shaw, it is possible that the android used the remaining survivor of Prometheus for his experiment. As Scott ominously stated, Repace’s character is “integral” to what David “carried out.

Alien: Covenant will trace the origins  of the iconic movie monster the Xenomorphs. The movie also stars Katherine Waterston, James Franco and Danny McBride. It will open on May, 19 in theaters worldwide.

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