All The Juiciest Details about Heroes Reborn! [WATCH VIDEO]

By April Lara | 2 years ago
All The Juiciest Details about Heroes Reborn! [WATCH VIDEO]
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Five years ago we thought we’d seen the last of “Heroes” when it wrapped up for its fourth and final season. Who would have thought that almost a decade after that we will be able to see a new and fresher batch of superheroes who have redefined superpowers in “Heroes Reborn?” Now, it is here and its first ever trailer was released during the SDCC 2015. Read on for more details.

“Heroes” first launched in 2006 and it became a phenomenon. It ran for four seasons with each season containing 22 episodes. However, somewhere along the way, the team behind the series got into creative missteps that led them to a decision to wrap up the show. Tim Kring, the creator of the series is giving fans another follow-up series “Heroes Reborn,” which will air on NBC.

According to Coming Soon, a supernatural phenomenon is about to unfold once again and it’s going to bring us a fresh batch of inspiring heroes with extraordinary abilities in “Heroes Reborn.” Newer and better adventures await and the new heroes will also cross paths with other original characters.

Kring is the writer and executive producer of the NBC fantasy series and he is joined by Peter Elkoff and James Middleton to executive produce.

According to Kring, during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “Heroes Reborn” will bring in a new flavour to the series, spicing things up and offering something more than before.

“This whole event series has its own rhythm to it,” Kring said.

“Heroes Reborn” will air on Sept. 24, 2015, on NBC.

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