All Yours: Synopsis and Review

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
All Yours: Synopsis and Review
2008 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech Republic

A breath of fresh air into the genre of romantic comedy, “All Yours” is a movie that presents the LGBT culture into a thoughtful and gentle light. The film is directed by David Lambert, who depicts a different kind of love story that is uncommon in the cinema but fairly popular in real life. Read on to learn more about “All Yours,” including a brief synopsis and review of the film.

Director David Lambert has long been known for his debut “Beyond the Walls,” which featured a strong sense of homosexual romance. Now he makes a comeback with “All Yours” as a participant to the international film competition, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2014, which was held on July 4–12, 2014.

Open-mindedness is one of the things that people are strongly advocating these days, and “All Yours” is a movie that tackles about the concept of an open-ended love triangle.  It all started when fascinating Argentine hustler, Lucas (Nahuel Perez Biscayart), gets unconsciously entangled between the affections of a lonesome Belgian baker named Henry (Jean-Michel Balthazar) and his female employee.

“All Yours” Synopsis:

Their flustered love affair began when Henry and Lucas met on the Internet. Fast forward to their much-awaited meeting, Henry buys him a plane ticket to the small Belgian town that is only highlighted by a solitary bar alone and nothing else. Henry, who is desperately looking for affection, houses the young man within his own abode, only to realize that there is a huge difference to enjoying erotic exploits online and living with another soul under the same roof. Lucas then meets Henry’s assistant, Audrey (Monia Chokri), to whom he experiences a spark of interest. Starting off with friendship, their closeness leveled up into something more intimate.

“All Yours” Review:

The whole movie is one that would really surpass the average expectations. The setting of the workplace, which represents both hostile and neutral ground, is more than enough to keep its viewers amused to a whole new different level. Intimacy is an understatement in the entire film, which the three characters are able to deliver without disappointment. Lambert’s script did the fluid flux of depictions in meeting predictability at one point, but it is essentially backed up by a good twist.

According to Variety, Lambert was able to pull the strings back together in the heartwarming finale, which stems back to the film’s main theme — the big LOVE. Moreover, he then seals the movie with a perfectly timed kiss.

“All Yours” is a movie with the equilibrium selflessness. It is highly commendable with a solid plot that’s been successfully justified by the film’s over all mise-en-scene. The high praises is also directed to actor Perez Biscayart as he creatively portrays reserved warmth and eccentric intelligence for a character as annoying as Lucas. With the way he was able to effectively show affection towards his two contrasting lovers, the audiences will be seduced against their better instincts as he lunges towards unexpected elements.

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