Allegations Against Jessica Alba’s Company is Affecting Her Marriage?

By Sumita Ganguly | 2 years ago
Allegations Against Jessica Alba’s Company is Affecting Her Marriage?
Jessica Alba

Looks like Jessica Alba and her company, The Honest Company, is not so honest after all. The reason being the businesswomen and her company being taken to courts. Apparently, the organic infant baby formula that is produced by the company contains as much as 11 synthetic substances which are not allowed in organic products.

The Organic Consumers Association has filed a suit against the company in the Los Angeles Superior Court. According to Mail Online, one of the products produced by the company contains lot of synthetic ingredients. This includes sodium selenite, taurine, cholecalciferol and also pantothenate which are known to be extremely hazardous and toxic to human body.

According to the suit, the 11 ingredients that have been identified are not included in the National list that specifies non agricultural substances which can be used in organic products. It also violates the California Organic Products Act of 2003. Thus the products which are labelled as organic are not really so. This is not the first time that the company has faced such allegations. Suits filed in February 2016 and September last year had claimed that the cleaning products that the company claimed as natural were not really so as they contained toxic ingredients.

As previously claimed, such allegations have affected Jessica Alba not only professionally but also personally too. As per reports, because of the several issues in her business, Alba is extremely stressed and this is resulting in trouble in her marriage. The source also added that she is taking all her anger on her husband Cash Warren. Warren has also been asking Alba for a third child and she is refusing to give in to his demand as she wants to focus more on her career.

The reports were, however, busted by Gosssipcop. The site recently checked in with a source close to the couple and it was revealed that there is no trouble in their paradise. In fact Cash Warrne has been very supportive of his wife Jessica Alba, and all such rumors are untrue.


Photo Source: Facebook/Jessica Alba

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