Alleged Infidelity Of Ryan Gosling To Eva Mendes: Emma Stone Is The Third Party?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Alleged Infidelity Of Ryan Gosling To Eva Mendes: Emma Stone Is The Third Party?

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are returning to the big screens with the third film they are currently shooting over the past weeks. They look perfectly good for this on-screen romance. But is this relationship about to be real? Does that means Eva Mendes is being cheated by her partner? Read on.

According to HollywoodLife, there are speculations that the “La La Land” stars are excited to be working again with each other. It bothers Mendes that they could be more than what is only supposed to be between these two movie stars. There are reports as well that Andrew Garfield is turning to be jealous with how close they are. It can be recounted at the later part of 2014, Gosling and his partner have their relationship on the rocks, allegedly. They were able to patch things up. However, this rumor appears to be putting them again to the test.

The article cited Star magazine talked to an insider who revealed that the “Hitch” actress is suspecting there is an attraction regardless the repeated assurance that her boyfriend and Stone are merely friends. She would even drop by the set of “La La Land”, calls him, and checks what he is doing. The insider explained: “The trust just isn’t there, and she thinks it’s time they went their separate ways.”


IB Times reported about OK! Magazine’s source stated that Mendes is preparing herself to be a single mother for Esmeralda, her daughter with “The Notebook” actor even if they are still under one roof. Close friends and family are reminding her that she is only pushing Gosling away.

Although Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are gorgeously perfect together as evidenced by their successful movies in the past, there are those hoping their romance will only be for roles in “La La Land” since they are still in their own relationships, respectively.

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