Alleged Shooting at Lil Wayne’s Miami Mansion Revealed to be a Swatting Incident

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Alleged Shooting at Lil Wayne’s Miami Mansion Revealed to be a Swatting Incident

Police swarmed at Lil Wayne’s mansion in Miami upon receiving a call reporting a shooting with many people injured inside the place. But what was believed and feared to be a shooting incident turned out to be a swatting incident.

TMZ reported that on Wednesday, March 11, the Miami Beach Police received a phone call saying that there has been a shooting inside Lil Wayne’s property at the LaGorce Circle neighbourhood and that four people were injured. As per procedure, the police immediately went over and had the surrounding area cleared out before proceeding over to the house.

During this incident, many feared for Lil Wayne and his family. Fortunately, they weren’t at home when all this was happening. Lil Wayne’s label Young Money Entertainment confirmed this via Twitter, to the relief of his fans and friends.

Seeing that the house didn’t have the usual signs of a shooting, police decided to enter the house and found out that it was just a hoax. They later confirmed it to be a case of swatting, a type of prank call made simply to test out the police’s response in an incident. The police placed an update through their Twitter account saying, “#UPDATE unfortunately this appears to be a “Swatting” call. No victims /no injuries /no subject at 94 LaGorce.”

Upon hearing the news, many also took to Twitter to express their relief that no one was hurt in the incident, but expressed their exasperation and anger over whoever made the prank call. Lil Wayne also tweeted about the happenings and simply said, ‘Prank kall mane’.

As of now, the identity of the prank caller is still unknown. In any case, this incident proved to be bothersome for the many people involved. In another tweet posted by the Miami Beach Police regarding the incident, they said that they take such calls seriously, after all one may never know if the call they receive may lead to a real case or not.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Ryan Dombal

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