‘Allegiance’ Premiere Recap: An Unusual Family Drama

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
‘Allegiance’ Premiere Recap: An Unusual Family Drama
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“Allegiance” Premiere “Pilot” aired last Feb. 5, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. The episode kicks off with the Russian foreign intelligence SVR accusing a man of treason. Read on to know what happens next.

One of the agents tells the traitor that although KGB was changed into SVR, the rules are the still the same. The man is tied and put on the conveyor belt going to a fire chamber. As the fire engulfs him, he screams some Russian words.

The incident was witnessed by SVR Chief Irina Semoveska that makes her want to defect the agency. She talks to the CIA Chief of New York Sam Luttrell to listen to her sentiments.

Alex O’Connor drives to the heavily guarded CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. He is called to investigate Irina. He works for CIA for a mere four months, making him as one of the investigators is safer. He is commended for his successful investigation in the past, which decoded a covert SVR operation. He learns that the punishment for the SVR traitor was done inside the United States, which is strange and suspicious.

Meanwhile, Alex’s father Mark goes out of the supermarket, bringing a lot of groceries to his car at the parking lot. He notices a woman closing her car door. While driving home, he notices that the car before him has the same plate number as the one earlier. Seeing the same plate number outside his home, he concludes that he is being followed. He strikes a casual conversation with his wife Katya inside the kitchen but writes a note that they are under surveillance. While continuing the conversation, Katya writes if it is FBI.

Suddenly, somebody knocks on the door. Mark immediately throws the paper on the sink hole and flushes it with water. When Katya saw her former colleague in KGB named Victor Dobrynin, she slams the door. Mark opens it to talk to Victor himself.

Victor defends himself that he is just the messenger. Katya emphasizes to him that she does not work for KGB anymore. Victor ignores her and tells the couple that they need to recruit Alex as a spy for Russia. Mark tells him that Alex is just a “baby analyst.” Victor says that Alex’s first assignment threatened SVR. He says that possibly, files of every SVR officer are owned by U.S. already. He threatens Katya that her name is on the list.

Alex meets Sam in the office. Sam tells him that his undercover name is Bill Adams. He also reminds him to read the 400-page manual for the mission. Alex tells him that he is done with it. He says that he is an ultra fast reader. Hours later, the two CIA agents go to the secret location under a train station.

Meanwhile, Katya calls her daughter Natalie. She tells her about their problem, and her solution is that they must run away. Natalie thinks it is unacceptable because she already has her own life. She tells her mother that they cannot hide for the rest of their lives. Katya assures her that they will never be found.

Sam and Julia start to interrogate Irina. Alex is hidden behind a glass window. After the interrogation, Sam concludes that Irina is lying. Alex asks for Sam’s permission to interrogate Irina himself. While Alex starts his interrogation, Irina feels uncomfortable that she does not know him. Alex records his interrogation via three different equipment.

Unfortunately for Katya, she is found by Victor in a store. Victor knows that they are running away. This time, he threatens her with force as he wraps his arm tightly around her neck.

While Alex is listening to his interrogation, he gets surprised after hearing something. He tells Sam and Julia that the traitor’s last words based on Irina’s statement is suspicious. Translating the Russian statement, the traitor said “Jesus lives.” Alex believes that it could be a secret code, same as “Easter egg,” meaning digital cash in cyber terms. To confirm it, he thinks that they must find out Mikhail’s back story.

Katya gets frazzled in front of Mark. She suddenly runs to her car to present herself to the FBI. Mark chases after her. While driving, he calls Natalie to talk sense into her mother. Natalie cries as she talks with Katya on the phone. Katya says that she is not changing her mind. Mark gets hopeless, so he lets his car collide with Katya’s.

Katya just exits the car without a scratch. Mark tells her that she will just ruin her son’s career. Katya tells him to start creating his own life. Mark grabs her shoulders and insists that she is his life. He reminds her that he betrayed his country in the past just to be with her. He suggests to spy on their own son instead to erase evidences that can lead to their real identity.

Katya and Mark meet up with Victor. They promise him 24 hours to gather enough information regarding Alex’s investigation.

Alex visits his parents. At the same time, Natalie and the youngest, Sarah, are also there. While the siblings are busy chatting, Katya successfully puts a bug inside Alex’s phone. Meanwhile, Mark puts a tracker under Alex’s car.

Victor is scolded by his boss because of his failure to report that Katya almost went to the FBI. He changes the topic by reminding them that his idea of recruiting Alex can greatly benefit SVR. Later in his office, he hears somebody knocking on the door. Turns out, it is Natalie. She slaps him twice for not recruiting her and threatening her mother. Then the two start to kiss passionately.

While analyzing the DNA samples from the fire chamber, Alex notices a strange formation due to stainless steel. He concludes that the traitor had a knee replacement. Julia and Alex continue their conversation in a metallic room. Turns out, Mark and Katya were listening to their conversation all along. They are surprised when they suddenly could not hear Alex.

Alex asks Julia where is Irina. Julia tells him that Irina is busy sending her family safely to Russia. Alex cannot believe that Irina has no bodyguards. Julia says that Irina rejects the idea of backups because she will look suspicious.

Talking about Irina, she is hurriedly walking down the street alone. Suddenly, she is hit by a car. She is dead on the spot after her body slammed on another car’s windshield.

In the CIA headquarters, the agents are worried after Irina’s plight. Moments later, an agent tells them that they finally traced who was the traitor of SVG. The victim’s name was Mikhail Vostrov. As his photo flashes on the computer monitor, Alex feels uneasy. Turns out, Mikhail is his mother’s childhood friend.

Alex storms inside his parents’ house and shows them a photo of him and Mikhail in the past. He threatens his parents to tell the truth, or else, he is going to call FBI.

What is in store for the O’Connors? Catch the next episode on Feb. 12, 2015.

There you have it for the recap on “Allegiance” Premiere “Pilot,” which aired last Feb. 5, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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