‘Almost Human’ Renewal Petition After Fox Cancellation [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 4 years ago
‘Almost Human’ Renewal Petition After Fox Cancellation [WATCH VIDEO]
Logo of Almost Human, an American TV series/Supernino,/Wikimedia Commons

It was announced on the 1st week of May 2014 that Fox had canceled “Almost Human.” Enthusiasts of the ultra modern Robocop-drama have started an “Almost Human” renewal petition after the Fox cancellation on Change.org to bring back the show. The petition is addressed to almost all main broadcast networks including Amazon, Netflix, NBC, CBS and Syfy.

“Recently it was announced that FOX would be cancelling TV series, Almost Human, after only one short season. We (the petitioners) are asking for your network to help us save the series from certain demise by taking it over. “Almost Human” has already gained hordes of loyal fans around the world that are currently fighting to save a series they can easily relate and find joy in. The series has much potential and needs individuals to believe and share that passion. We are asking that you see the potential for this series, and allow it to become something great with the network,” states the “Almost Human” renewal petition after thr Fox cancellation on Change.org.

For those of you who have yet to involve yourself with “Almost Human,” there’s an ample sci-fi treat in store. While the title of the show implies a gentle approach to an existential predicament, what it actually delivers are “Sexbots and Robocops.”  The show deals with the moral complications of trying to synthesise human beings and experimenting with genetics.

At the time of this report the number of signatures received has reached a whopping 14,225 with only 3,275 left to reach the goal.

David B. Wells, an “Almost Human” executive replied to the said Change.org petition.

“It’s great to hear from fans and we’ve heard your interest in reviving Almost Human. I’m not the best exec to get this sort of petition but I’ve passed the interest to our content team. You can be sure that they will look at it. Best, D,” stated Wells in response to the petition starter on Change.org.

You can sign the petition yourself right here.

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