Alternate spoof ending of Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston

By admin | 4 years ago

Recently, or to be more specific just over the weekend, a video appeared on YouTube which showed an alternate ending to one of the darkest and yet most successful and beautiful drama series, Breaking Bad.

A floozy alternate ending of the show was posted up on YouTube over the weekend and had, to no surprise already chalked up 800,000 views to its name. In the goofy alternate ending, Bryan Cranston wakes up next to Jane Kaczmarek, who starred alongside Bryan in the 2000-2006 sitcom Malcolm in the Middle.

They have their ‘Malcolm’ names, Hal and Lois. Hal is lying beside Lois and tells her that he had a nightmare that he was a drug dealer who killed people, made bombs and cooked meth. “I told you not to eat those deep-fried Twinkies,” says Lois laughing at the thought of Hal cooking anything.

“You grow a beard,” she says, “and suddenly you think you’re Osama bin Laden.”

But, Hal starts to get ideas, as if he was actually enjoying all of the stuff in the nightmare.

As the clip nears the end, Hal starts to make the same under the covers sex move he used to make in Breaking Bad to Lois as he would do to Skyler White in the early Breaking Bad scene. Lois tells him to cut it out and sleep.

As the camera starts to pan out it points to the chair on the side where Walter White’s black Heisenberg hat is sitting. The video is presumed to be a part of the complete DVD package of Breaking Bad which will go up on sale on November 26th.

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