AMA Highlights: 10 Best Things Not To Be Missed

By SURABHI VERMA | 2 years ago
AMA Highlights: 10 Best Things Not To Be Missed

Music Addicted? Still can’t get any sight of the most talked about awards… ? Read below to know the best 10 things that happened on star-studded night of the American Music Awards, aired on ABC.

1 – Jennifer Lopez was no less than a diva of madness!

Jennifer took away with the show at many times with her extra-glam filled cum weird outfits. With her show stopping dance medley, the starlet really made her presence felt onto the stage.

2 – Prince’s guitar or something else!

The first award of the night was presented by evergreen master of cool Mr Prince. Covered with almost every cool thing around, with an electric guitar that made his appearance out of the world; the guitar actually looked like an over the shoulder bag. Interesting?

3 – Guess what! Aussie boy-punk’s performance “a cover!”

The song sounded like a bit familiar to Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf” and proved to be the same; nothing new in the band’s performance this time.

4 – Celine Dion left most of them in tears!

True that is! Celine Dion’s terrific ode to Paris ended the show gracefully peculiarly through her gesticulation. Watch

5 – Walk the Moon has been bad then the worst

Miming with “Shut Up and Dance,” Oh Really! Nothing best can be written about it.

6 – Luke Bryan is surely not cool enough when Sam Hunt exists

Sam Hunt won the award for the best new artist and made his presence felt by his hypnotic charm and charisma. He reveals, “We kind of threw our keys over the fence and never looked back,” as he accepted the award. He is definitely better than Luke Bryan anytime.


7 – Pentonix’s four minute infomercial for ABC was impressive! But not that much

This performance is surely going to blow your minds away. Can’t believe? Believe it and laugh it! The tribute to “Star Wars” was silly enough to be talked about.

8 – Hating America in American Music Awards?

Yes, there has been one of them known as Ariana Grande who loves to be a hip hopper and eagerly displayed her love for her grandma.

9 – Any drug addicts here?

Certainly, we are talking about Macklemore’s new song debut based entirely on avoiding drugs. This might have been a real feast to watch if you are a drug addict.

10 – And last but not the least, Justin Bieber is here!

The man performed on a song that deals with heartache! You might not be surprised to know that it is just an aftereffect of Selena Gomez and nothing else.

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