Amanda Bynes Believes She Is Britney Spears

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago

The controversial star, Amanda Bynes, might be thinking that she and Britney Spears have a few things in common. However, the better, or worse, part is she believes that she is exactly Britney Spears. Read on to know what Bynes is up to.

On Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014, the 28-year-old “She’s the Man” actress returned to Twitter and blew people’s minds. The tweet is different from her usual posts for two reasons: it is shorter and probably the weirdest of them all.

The exact reason for the disturbing tweet is not known yet. However, there are some speculations why Bynes posted it.

According to MailOnline, Bynes probably wanted to be a popstar, or she found out that she had similar experiences with Spears. Based on the Mirror’s article, it is unsure if she was supporting Spears or wanting to have a big comeback as a superstar.

After all, Spears is currently trending as the cover girl of Women’s Health magazine, especially because of her flawless abs. Maybe Bynes wanted to join the bandwagon. Natalie Finn from E! News wrote Bynes’ abs are also looking good. She added that Bynes must be thinking she is Spears as soon as she woke up.

Come to think of it, Bynes and Spears indeed have a lot of common from the past. Both are child stars from different studios. Spears was a Disney star while Bynes was from Nickelodeon.

Spears was about Bynes’ age when she gone hysterical on 2007. She shaved her head, got hospitalized, temporarily separated from her children and ended in a conservatorship. Bynes also experienced the same thing, minus the children and shaved head.

Last year, Bynes suffered from breakdown, and her parents acted as conservators to place her in an involuntary mental health care. However, her parents were taken aback when she accused her father of sexual molestation.

Sam Lufti is also a common denominator. Lufti was Spears’ manager during her mental issues and was accused by the parents of drugging the popstar and dominating her finances.

In October 2014, Lufti helped Bynes to find a lawyer that would sue her parents. However, he was working with the parents to find a certain support that Bynes needed after a week of insane behavior. Rick and Lynne, Bynes’ parents, were the ones who reached out to Lufti who made the actress return to California and to an involuntary psychiatric hold.

The only difference is the 33-year-old singer already moved on from the drama. Spears is looking great while performing in a multimillion dollar show. Hopefully, Bynes will have the same fate as hers.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/National Institutes of Health



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