Amanda Bynes Goes Out in Public after Two Months with a Healthy Look

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago

The troubled Amanda Bynes gives hope to her fans as she went out publicly, sporting a fresh and healthy look in West Hollywood on Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015.  Read on for further details.

According to Perez Hilton, the 28-year-old former child star had not appeared publicly for two months because of her medication, so her West Hollywood appearance became a big deal. Her female friend was with her as she was “strolling, texting, and shopping.”, on the othe hand, reported that Bynes sported blonde hair again. She wore a checkered shirt over a white one, ripped jeans, sunglasses, black bag and black-and-white shoes. She looked relaxed while holding her phone. When the “She’s the Man” star spotted the paparazzi,  she instantly hid her face and went to the other side of the street.

The city attorney of Los Angeles did not prosecute Bynes in January 2015 for her DUI arrest last September 2014. Bynes’ substance level in her blood was low, so the attorney could not sell the case. However, the case is currently forwarded to the Country District Attorney’s Office in LA that can be a violation for the actress’s probation. Bynes’s lawyer had no say yet about the decision.

Before coming out in public again, Bynes was quite active in the cyber world. Her most recent controversial online post was tweeting about herself being Britney Spears.

The “What a Girl Wants” star experienced accusing her father of sexual molestation on Twitter. She apologized shortly. She also tweeted some racist comments about Rihanna.

The actress was sent to a unit in Pasadena to further undergo treatment for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. With her latest public appearance, seems to be her treatment there was effective. After taking a break from medicines, she is reported to act “completely normal.” According to TMZ, the actress spent most of her time following the doctors’ suggested stress reducers such as pilates, meditation, yoga, and reading.

In a more positive note, Bynes is reported to have plans on transferring from Orange County’s Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising to University of Southern California (USC) after a few quarters. In December 2014, she tweeted about her excitement, praising USC’s campus.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/National Institutes of Health

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