Amanda Seyfried Reduced to Tears by Mark Wahlberg

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago

Amanda Seyfried, the 29-year-old American actress  loves her pooch a lot and takes her beloved pooch, Finn to work with her every day. But Amanda started to cry one night when her furry friend went missing from her sets.

Amanda Seyfriend has this habit of making pranks on her co-stars and on the sets of “Ted 2” she was scaring her co-star Mark Wahlberg repeatedly. Mark, on the other hand kidnapped her dog, Finn to scare her but lesser he knew that Amanda will start to cry.

Amanda Seyfried asked everyone present on the set about her dog but no one would say anything as no one wanted to ruin the joke. She then ran to Mark to inquire about Finn and then she realized that her furry friend had become a victim.

Amanda explained that even though her pranks are fun, she would never recommend anyone to play pranks on Mark. “I get back from set one night and my trailer door’s open and Finn is gone and I panic immediately,” she said.

“Nobody in Mark’s entourage would give it up, and then finally I go to Mark and I’m crying hysterically… ‘Where is he? You have to tell me!’ He got really freaked out because he didn’t realize how upset I would be, which is weird ’cause literally Finn follows me into the camera (shot), and he was like, ‘Oh God, OK, I’m so sorry’ and he picks up his phone and (then) this Escalade drives down the parking lot and the window rolls down and Finn’s sitting there in the back seat eating free range chicken!”

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Image Source: Facebook/Amanda Seyfried Actress

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