Who Are These Amazing Dancers In Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’?

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Who Are These Amazing Dancers In Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’?

After the grand success of “What Do You Mean”, Justin Bieber is all ready to sweep you off the feet with his new track called “Sorry”. The single is not just good to hear but has the same potential in the video, as it features some amazing dancers. Read to know more about these dancers who are matching the steps to this new song of Justin Bieber.

A glimpse of the video was shared on social media on Thursday, featuring a snippet with the ReQuest and Royal Family dance crews. The 13-second teaser shows the Kiwi dancers in colorful dresses, wearing sunglasses and snapbacks whileperforming choreographed moves to the nearly four-minute song. (via ET Online).

JB’s fans would miss his presence in the video but nevertheless, the Kiwi dance group managed to engage the viewers with their fierce moves.


Although initially, there have been no clues on how much participation the Kiwi dancers have in this video but now the whole clip has been released and it features the Kiwi hip-hop dance crew from Auckland.

The dance crew was formed in the year 2007, with originally five members, who are based out of The Palace Dance Studio in Penrose and Hamilton. They are one of seven crews within the “Royal Family”, alongside Misfits, Sorority, Duchesses, In-Laws, Kings, and Bubblegum.

It is not the first time that ReQuest  has been featured in any album, earlier they were seen in  the music video for Vince Harder’s single “I Want This Forever”.


In 2011, ReQuest successfully auditioned for season 6 of “America’s Best Dance Crew”. They were the second international dance crew to be featured on the American show (after Blueprint Cru from Montreal, Canada in 2010) and the first from outside North America. They later returned to compete at the 2011 World Hip Hop Dance Championships as defending champions. ReQuest placed second in the Adult Crews division, behind Plague from the United Kingdom.

So far, ReQuest has covered a long journey and this presence in Justin Bieber’s single, “Sorry” is another feather in their cap. See it for yourself in the video below. It currently has 20,090,337 views.

Photosource: Facebook/ReQuest Dance Crew

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