Amazing Race Canada Is Now Heating Up

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Amazing Race Canada Is Now Heating Up
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Amazing Race Canada” is now on the heat as they started to race again in our televisions, and  the players themselves are ready to rumble to get the prize! Read on for more details.

The season 2 of “The Amazing Race Canada” has been an unforgettable season of the show but the host, Jon Montgomery is convinced that the most exciting part is yet to come.

Everyone was surprised when last season, Rex Harrington shut it down in Tofino (B.C). It may happen again as the race is now heating to start and have another nerve-wracking competition.

In a report by Toronto Sun, as an athlete himself, Montgomery is keen to talk about the role of athleticism that plays and doesn’t play in what has become the most-watched show in Canadian TV.

The competitors of the race are composed of 12 teams. This includes students, police officers, corrections officers, professional wrestlers, steelworkers and athletes.

And speaking of athletes, some of them are the Canadian Football League Hall of Famer Neil Lumsden who joined with his 30-year-old daughter Kristin and mixed martial artist Elias Theodorou with his girlfriend Max.

Though there are many young and much stronger competitors in the race, the 62-year-old CFA Hall of Famer, Lumsden still keeps in mind that there is a big target on his back as a competitor too.

Lumsden has three Grey Cup rings with Edmonton Eskimos and though he’s in his 60’s, he still went to the competition to race and to try to slip beneath the radar with his daughter Kristin.

The athlete competitor said that he was hoping that their fellow racers don’t take them seriously, that they would think that they are a team composed of a young girl carrying a senior citizen along.

On the other hand, his daughter Kristin thought that she’s really lucky that she got all the support of a father who also happens to be a great coach.

Meanwhile, “Amazing Race Canada Season 3” premiered last Wednesday on CTV.

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