Amazon Prime Delivering ‘Promised Land’ TV Drama

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Amazon Prime Delivering ‘Promised Land’ TV Drama
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Amazon Prime’s aggressive push into original programming continues with the reported development of the biblical TV drama “Promised Land.” Find out more about this project in the story below.

First published on The Hollywood Reporter (THR), the streaming service studio is said to be producing an epic religious drama series based on “The Book of Joshua,” which is from the Old Testament. The pitch of “Promised Land” revolves around two brothers – one born to privilege, the other serving as a soldier, at time when the Israelites longed for leadership and guidance. The saga will also cover the Israelites’ journey and struggles, touching on issues like slavery, wars and battles and the quest for a new way of life.

The creative team behind “Promised Land” will include Noah Oppenheim and Chris Bremner, who shall serve as scriptwriters of the pilot episode and executive producers of the series. Oppenheim used to work as a journalist, covering Iraq, West Bank and Gaza during his stint with NBC. Adam Sher is also attached to the project, serving as executive producer.

Should the pilot be set, it will be joining the third wave of pilot airing for Amazon Prime, which includes “Hysteria” and “Red Oaks.”

Amazon has apparently set aside $100 million primarily for developing more original content for the third quarter of 2014, with the intention of tapping into the niche market whose fan base may be quite small, but can be very obsessive about a TV show.

“That really changes how you approach it, because what you need to do is get more specific. It’s less about following generic, general rules for creating television and more about finding a specific voice and a specific artist that people are going to be a fan of,” said Amazon Studio’s head, Roy Price, in an interview with THR published last July, in explaining why the company is invested in their streaming service.

Since the launch of Amazon Prime in 2012, the streaming site has already enlisted an impressive list of actors, writers and directors for their originally produced dramas and comedies.

And that’s the news on Amazon’s latest TV project called “Promised Land,” which will be based on the Bible’s “Book of Joshua.” We’ll keep you updated on the latest about this show only here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Balajimuthazhagan

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