Amazon Studios Continue to Work With ‘The Cosmopolitans’

By Jaycee De Guzman | 4 years ago

Seattle, Washington – Amazon Studios continue to work with its original production called ‘The Cosmopolitans’.

It has been deploying the biggest stars in the show business for this project. It will feature Chloe Sevigny and Adam Brody as two of the lead stars. Each episode of this comedy show is going to run for half an hour. It is also going to involve with drama while it is trying to make people laugh.

Another show from the Amazon Studios that will premiere soon is the Hand of God. Unlike with The Cosmopolitans, this one is going to be an hour long. It will also focus on heavy drama.

The Unpredictable Debut of the Two New Shows

Amazon gives these new shows the opportunity to be criticized easily by the public. Surveys will come out as soon as the first episode is done. Since it is a production that is heavily based on the Internet, information can easily be made and communicated.

Amazon Studios mentions that they will debut later this year. There are no prospects yet as to where and when exactly are they going to allow the shows to be viewed. There are no definite numbers of episodes, too. They will be waiting for the feedbacks from the viewers on whether they will push through with it or not.

The Plot of the Two New Shows for Amazon

Like what was mentioned, these two shows from Amazon Studios will showcase different wavelengths. The Hand of God will revolve around the story of a judge who believes that his visions of God help him solve cases. In this series, he will turn into a vigilante. He will do this to find the rapist who wronged his family. Dana Delaney and Garrett Dillahunt will act as the lead roles.

The Cosmopolitans, on the one hand, is a show that will be led by Brody. He will be living as an American in the well-known city of Paris. He will have adventures there and he will eventually find a love interest. The twist comes when he will be dealing with ex-pats in the place.

This is going to be an exciting pilot for these people. There will be more to come from Amazon Studios if they will amaze everyone with these materials. In the meantime, all they can do is to step up the production. How do you like their efforts now? Do you think they chose the right stars?

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