Amber Rose Avenges Herself By Dating Kim Kardashian’s Ex-husband

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Amber Rose Avenges Herself By Dating Kim Kardashian’s Ex-husband
Amber Rose

Amber Rose was spotted playing with fire at a party in the playboy mansion. She was allegedly flirting with Kim Kardashian’s ex, Kris Humphries.

Amber Rose may not be done with her revenge on the Kardashians, according to Hollywood Life. She was recently spotted larking around in the playboy mansion with none other than Kris Humphries, ex-husband of Kim Kardashian, who looked like he was enjoying the moment.

Rose’s behavior bordered on the sensual when she was around Humphries. In fact the crowd present positively noticed them publicly displaying affection shamelessly. The two had been introduced to each other at the party in the Playboy Mansion on Aug 1. Rose was walking to the dance floor from the grotto and Humphries was walking towards the grotto. It took Humphries a moment to realize what was happening and who he was around. They both smiled at each other and conversation flowed as it could only flow between people flirting. They eventually retired to the bar to get all over each other as they got a little tipsy. Their inner posse left them alone at the bar to enjoy each other’s company.

A fan at the party commented on their flirty behavior by tweeting, “…right now I’m at the #PlayboyMansion watching Amber Rose flirt with Kris Humphries. I can’t make this stuff up. #KanyeWest #KimKardashian.”

It is shocking how Amber Rose always finds a way to get Kim Kardashian’s attention with her naughty antics and vice versa. And it is just as surprising how they always pick the same men to date. Fans obviously think that this “You date my ex, I’ll date yours” thing has gone on for too long and people have grown tired of it. Grow up, girls!

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Photo Source: Amber Rose/ Facebook

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