Amber Rose Gets Big Support For SlutWalk Movement

By Edson Kyle Encina | 2 years ago
Amber Rose Gets Big Support For SlutWalk Movement
Amber Rose

Amber Rose made waves again in her second annual SlutWalk event getting support from the likes of Blac Chyna.

The American model started the SlutWalk movement to raise awareness and to stop slut-shaming and sexual abuse. The first SlutWalk event had such a good reception from locals and celebrities that Amber had to do a second one a year later. The second SlutWalk event took place at Pershing Square in Los Angeles, as reported by LAist. There were various celebrities and TV personalities who attended the event, including Blac Chyna and Perez Hilton. There was even a Playboy playmate among the attendees in the form of Kendra Wilkinson. Even with the event garnering positive feedback, it also managed to attract protesters as well. Amber Rose explained to People that the common misconception is that some people mistake the event as something that promotes prostitution. Which is something that the model thinks is “stupid” since the event is trying to accomplish the opposite of that.

The star wanted to empower the community by sending a clear message; to put an end to sexual abuse. Many Twitter users showed their support by saying that SlutWalk is about ending the rape culture. Others expressed their gratitude towards Amber Rose by calling her a true inspiration.  The whole event was funded by donations through Crowd Rise and even made more than $22,000. With such a great reception to the two SlutWalk events so far, it is very likely that Amber will hold another one by next year.

The well-known model has been active and involved with the community lately. Amber Rose was frequently linked to famous rapper Wiz Khalifa before. But after their unfortunate breakup, the model has more time to focus on raising awareness and contributing to the community. Amber is well known for her women empowerment efforts. Apart from using this to defend Taylor Swift, she also has the Amber Rose Foundation to support that same principle.

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