Amber Rose Develops ‘Lesbianic Feelings’ for Ex-UFC Champion Ronda Rousey?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Amber Rose Develops ‘Lesbianic Feelings’ for Ex-UFC Champion Ronda Rousey?
Amber Rose

Amber Rose does not fail to surprise with her views on Ronda Rousey, the ex-UFC bantamweight champion of. It seems that the model sees Rousey in a different light altogether.

Rose, the 32 year-old rapper, model literally gushed. stating that she seems to have developed “lesbianic feelings” for Rousey, 28. Rose said so while she chatted with TMZ recently.

She admitted that she has lesbianic feeling for the female athlete.

When Rose was asked whether the blonde beauty knew about her far from platonic feelings, the model grinned and said that she would know from the chat.

And Rose does not care much about Rousey’s big defeat against Holly Helm in the month of November this year. The athlete lost her senses after a brutal blow and had to be immediately hospitalized.

Her lips were in terrible condition and surgeons had to sew it up. This was confirmed at a press conference by Dana White, the President of UFC.

Perhaps this incident further raised the athlete’s appeal in the eyes of Rose.  Rousey’s willingness to face Helm once again for a rematch has raised her interest in the athlete.

This is not the first time that Rose has openly shared her not so platonic feelings for members of the same gender. She had expressed similar emotions for Margot Robbie, an Aussie actress.

Six months ago, Amber Rose had uploaded a stunning picture of this Robbie that showed the latter in a white halter styled dress. The actress had a Monroe type hairdo and had painted her lips red.

Rose captioned the picture stating that according to her, Robbie was the planet’s hottest woman.

Rose who has a child, does not feel shy while discussing her platonic feelings for her women pals like Nicki Minaj and Blac Chyna. While speaking about Chyna, the model said that they wished they were lesbians, as they loved each other a lot.

Amber Rose wished Nicki on the latter’s birthday this Tuesday calling her a beautiful, talented, and gorgeous woman who she regarded as a sister.


Photo Source: Facebook/Amber Rose

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