Amy Schumer Kisses Amber Rose as the Shocked Audience Watches at the MTV Movie Awards 2015 – Watch Video

By Smitha Nambiar | 3 years ago

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The MTV Movie Awards, which took place at Los Angeles on Monday, was complete with fun filled, outrageous jokes and a ‘hot’ kiss between none other than hip-hop model Amber Rose and stand-up comedian Amy Schumer.

Well, you heard it right! It would have been quite embarrassing for any other celebrities when the Revlon Kiss Camera zoom in on them. The ‘Kiss Cam,’ that scans and zeroes in on two people whom the audience would like to see kiss and ‘make out,’ caught Amber Rose and Amy Schumer on the spectacular night of MTV Movie Awards 2015.

Trust Schumer to do the least expected! The stand-up comedian, who was also the host of the show, shocked the huge audience after she turned to Rose and kissed her on her lips when the Kiss Cam zoomed in on them. Rose too sportingly kissed her back.

Schumer and Rose were not the only one caught by the Revlon #LoveIsOn “kiss cam” – Jessie J and Brittany Snow opted to blow kisses on the camera.

Soon after the show, Rose posted the picture of her passionate kiss with Schumer on her instagram account. “I’m def half lesbian after my makeout sesh with @amyschumer,” wrote Rose, as per The Sydney Morning Herald.

This is not the first time that Schumer and Rose have been seen together. Rose can also be spotted in the teaser of Schumer’s third season of Comedy Central Show, titled “Inside Amy Schumer,” to be premiered in April this year.

Meanwhile, Schumer lit the stage with her witty and edgy jokes on the MTV Movie Awards night as she took a take on female sexuality, cancer and racism. Few of her jokes include:

– “That was such a great movie, but I think they should have gone with the original title, “Cancer Schmancer,” talking about the movie “The Fault in Our Stars.”

– “(That’s) what they’re calling the people who saw Jupiter Ascending,” in regards to the film “Furious 7.”

– “Hillary Clinton finally announced she’s taking Zayn’s spot in One Direction.”

Do you think that Amy Schumer took it a little too far by kissing Amber Rose in front of such a huge audience? Speak your mind in the comment box below.

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