AMBIANCE: The World’s Longest Ever Film Gets A Seven-Hour Trailer [WATCH]

By Denise Foz | 2 years ago
AMBIANCE: The World’s Longest Ever Film Gets A Seven-Hour Trailer [WATCH]
Ambiance Longest Movie Anders Weberg

Most movies run anywhere between one and a half to three hours long. However, Swedish artist and director Anders Weberg is changing the landscape of filmmaking while working on his new experimental movie called “Ambiancé” that is expected to have a runtime of around 720 hours, or almost a month long of movie-viewing pleasure.

Slated for a December 2020 release, the film is so long that Weberg ultimately decided to release the movie’s second trailer that clocks in at seven hours. Notably, the film’s first trailer was three hours long and a report from The Independent revealed that a third trailer scheduled for a release on 2018 is estimated to run for a full 72 hours.

The movie is described as being a tale where “space and time is intertwined into a surreal dream-like journey beyond places” and Weberg also claims that “Ambiance”  is not a “scripted, dramaturgical” movie.

Ambiance Longest Movie Anders Weberg Swedish

“My process is that I collect glimpses of light with the camera and take that with me into the computer where the real work begins, taking all these glimpses and arranging and rearranging them into a flow that I feel represents the emotion I try to express. There is a lot of post production behind it where I run all the captured material through numerous processes. I use After Effects for that part. So this will be for sure an ephemeral experience and the only thing that will remain is the memories of the little bits and parts the viewer got to see,” Weberg shared.

In 2011, BBC billed “Modern Times” as the longest-running film that had a 10-day runtime. “Modern Times” was a movie created by a group of Danish artists which was screened exclusively at an arts festival in the Finish capital Helsinki.

Overlong films have been a technique that was arguably kicked off by Andy Warhol in his 1963 film “Sleep” that depicted over five hours of a man sleeping, as well as his 1964 film “Empire” depicting the Empire State Building for eight hours.

Check out the “Ambiance” trailer below. Don’t forget that it runs for seven hours, 20 minutes long!

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