Did AMC’s Series Turn Really Live Up to Its Period’s Expectations?

By Jaycee De Guzman | 4 years ago

Turn, a period drama from AMC has begun its first season, but it has to be faster than what is now for the audience to be more engaged.

It seems like the drama is trying to prove that spies are also a thing of beauty in the past. This 18th century series, on the one hand, should try to work more on the pacing of the show. They are taking so much time on featuring the actors in a zoomed in shot. Also, there are less and less revelations for each and every running time.

On the Positive Side

On the lighter note, Turn made a good first episode. There was clarity about the way they wanted to run the show. For a lot of viewers, this is something so important. This will be the reason why they will keep watching it. It may not be a straightly horizontal plot, but it is better than not leading the audience to anything at all.

Also, they have set it up nice and clear. They have explained the basics on where the show will run. Additional characters will still be favorable, but knowing them right when the series started is admirable. They have used the ‘no-secrets to dark-secrets’ work in a fantastic way.

The Technicalities Are Fantastic As Well

Turn happened in the 18th century. You cannot expect the production to set-up the finest modern places and the latest establishments, but they have made the set look so real. Some of the materials could be mistaken to have really been made during that period. Their production team deserves a pat in the back for perfectly sculpting the set, the wardrobe, and the entire vibe to fit into the period.

Also, they did great when it comes to the musicality of the show. They were able to make the feelings portrayed a lot more intensified. This could be the reason why there are lots of zoomed in shots to characters. They are making the most out of their music team.

Turn turned out to be a decent series about spies and politics during the 18th century. However, there are still loads of chances to improve on it. They are just on the first episode. Many other successful TV series did not have it at the first episode. Can you name some of them who made it without making it big at the first 45 minutes of the show?


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