American Crime: Episode Four

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American Crime: Episode Four
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“American Crime” Season 1 Episode 4 “Episode Four” aired last Thursday, March 26, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. In this episode, Hector Tonz (Richard Cabral) tried to avoid trouble in jail while recuperating which led to disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, Tony Guitierrez (Johnny Ortiz) was released to his father. Aubry Taylor (Caitlin Gerard) didn’t quite fully accept all the help that her family was giving her, and Carter Nix (Elvis Nolasco) didn’t care about anything but being free to see Aubry. As the bail hearing of Carter drew near, several family secrets regarding the Skokie’s and Gwen’s life with Matt resurfaced. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Aurbry Taylor (Caitlin Gerard), as per her father’s wishes, went to meetings which she didn’t appreciate, and told her mother that she didn’t want to go to a rehabilitation center or to have a job. All she wanted was to be with Carter Nix (Elvis Nolasco).

Barb Hamlin (Felicity Huffman) picked up her son, Mark Skokie (David Hoflin) from the Modesto airport and asked him to talk to his father about not burying Matt’s in Oakland, as the Carlins wanted. However, before he paid a visit to his father, he visited Gwen, who, according to her mother, was going to survive. Afterwards, he confronted his father, who told him that he was trying to show Barb that he was no longer scared of her.

Meanwhile, Carter’s new lawyer, Brother Timothy Little (Cedric Duplechain) informed him that they were going to request for a bail hearing that Friday as evidence showed that the bullets weren’t a match for his gun. Later, he told Aubry about this so that she could be there.

However, things weren’t looking so good for Alonzo Guitierrez (Benito Martinez), whose Auto Repair Shop wall had been vandalized.

Meanwhile, inside the juvenile detention center, Tony Gutierrez (Johnny Ortiz) behaved himself, and agreed to go to counseling sessions with his father once a week. Because of this, he was finally released.

Unfortunately, Hector Tonz (Richard Cabral) didn’t have the same luck as Tony. He tried to get out of the prison gang, who was trying to get him to steal pills from the hospital wing, as he stayed there on account of his leg, so that they could distribute among the inmates. Instead, the gang members cut his face with a razor.

Tom Carlin (W. Earl Brown), after being told that the men with whom Gwen was sleeping with had alibis that checked out during the time of the murder, Tom decided to read the police report, which was a mistake, because he discovered that he couldn’t look at Gwen the same way anymore.

They then met up with the District Attorney, who informed them that Carter Nix was going to have a bail hearing, and that he might be able to go free, much to Barb’s disappointment. Afterwards, Barb told them that she couldn’t understand why the lawyer kept on saying that Matt wasn’t living a good lifestyle. Tom and Eve then confronted Barb. Tom then told them that if he could admit that Gwen had been sleeping around, that Barb should admit that her son had been a drug addict. Russ Skokie (Timothy Hutton) then told them to stop blaming each other, as Gwen needed their support more than ever.

The next day, at court, Carter didn’t care about anything except for the fact that Aubry was there. After everything, the judge ruled that she wasn’t going to dismiss the case, and set bail for one million dollars. Outside court, Barb got mad at Aliyah and her group who had been laughing over what had happened in court.

However, Aliyah told Carter, that she would pay his bail, but that he couldn’t see Aubry anymore as he was now the face of a cause.

At the hospital, Mark informed Tom that the only reason why Matt had enlisted after 9/11 was because their mother had forced him to join as he was already into and selling drugs back then. He then told him that his family was dysfunctional, but that they still had a chance of being a complete family, and informed him that he wanted to stay and help Gwen recuperate.

At the hospital, Gwen finally came out of her coma.

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