American Crime Recap: Episode Eleven

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
American Crime Recap: Episode Eleven
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“American Crime” Season 1 Episode 11 “Episode Eleven” aired last Thursday, May 14, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. In the season finale,  as this season’s case finally came to a close, the fates of each and every person involved in the case of Matt Skokie’s death was touched on, and it was shown what the future held for them. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Gwen Skokie (Kira Pozehl) and her parents at their service. The Guttierez’s listening to the homily of their priest during Mass, and Carter Nix (Elvis Nolasco) and his sister, Aliyah Shadeed (Regina King at a service. In each place of worship, the presider of each service talked about the nature of forgiveness.

Meanwhile, in Sinaloa, in prison, Hector Tontz’s (Richard Cabral) lawyer tried to get him to give him a character witness. One who could speak up on his behalf, but as he had given up on things, Hector ignored his lawyer.

Russ Skokie (Timothy Hutton) then left messages for Barb Hanlon (Felicity Huffman) and for his son, Mark Skokie (David Hoflin). He seemingly refused to take part in the upcoming trial against Aubry Taylor (Caitlin Gerard), who had confessed to killing Matt.

After Aliyah and Carter talked to their congregation during their service, Carter discovered from his lawyer, Timothy Little (Cedric Duplechain), that Aubry had confessed to killing Matt. He then approached his sister. He told her something that made her expression change, and made her try to hold him back after he let go of her after he hugged her.

Meanwhile, Alonzo Gutierrez (Beinto Martinez) was called to his son’s school. The school’s principal had realized that even though Tony Gutierrez (Johnny Ortiz) did nothing to hurt other students, the fact that he had gone to juvenile hall didn’t sit well with the students and the school.

Carter then visited Aubry and told her that he did love her, but that he would never call her again. It was even though she insisted that the State wouldn’t sentence her to death because of her mental issues.

Back at the Gutierrez home, Alonzo told his family that he was planning on moving all of them to San Jose, where they could have a fresh start. However, Jenny Guiterrez (Gleendilys Inoa) didn’t seem too happy with this idea. Later that night, she told her father that she wanted to stop running from things, and could work at her boyfriend’s parent’s restaurant. She then hugged her father, who told her that her mother would have been proud of her.

Russ then visited Barb and told her that he wanted them to get closer as a family. He was feeling very much alone as it seemed as if no one in the family wanted to still fight for justice for Matt. He then hugged Barb, who kissed him on the shoulder and told him to let go.

Meanwhile, in Sinoloa, Hector got the surprise of his life as the only witness of the prosecution had gone missing. Because of this, the judge released Hector, who was then led away by his girlfriend. She told him that the witness, who probably was the man he had gone to prison for because he had defended him, had “gotten what he deserved”.

Russ then called Tom Carlin (W. Earl Brown), who was driving Gwen and his wife back home to Oakland. He told him that he tried to work hard for the family and told him to take good care of his family.

Later that night, Russ shot Carter in the head while he was getting patched through to Aubry, as he had decided to call her up.

Afterward, Aubry killed herself after discovering that Carter had died. She left Aliyah and Ruth Taylor (Jennifer Savidge) to comfort each other.

Meanwhile, Barb identified Russ’ body, as he had shot himself with her gun before he could be arrested for Carter’s murder. She then told Mark and Richelle (Gwendoline Yeo)  to drop the act. She would go back to Oakland and arrange for Russ to be buried beside Mark. However, she sat on the asphalt while trying to pick up her things which fell from her bag. This caused Mark and Richelle to go to her. Mark then comforted her. Richelle told her future mother-in-law, that she had to change her attitude, as she really wanted her to still be a part of their lives.

Meanwhile, in Sinaloa, Hector applied for a job at a call center and told his future employer that he was worn out and wanted to live a straight life for his daughter. He then told his girlfriend that he had gotten the job. He told her that they would buy a new shirt for his first day at work.

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