American Crime Recap: Episode Seven

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
American Crime Recap: Episode Seven
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American Crime” Season 1 Episode 7 “Episode Seven” aired last Thursday, Apr. 16, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. In this episode, Tony Gutierrez (Johnny Ortiz) got arrested, which caused his family to fall even more apart from each other. Things also fell apart for the Skokies as Russ Skokie (Timothy Hutton) lost his job due to his past, and as Mark Skokie’s (David Hoflin) fiancée, Richelle (Gwendoline Yeo), realized that he was telling the truth about his mother. It was after her lunch with Barb Hanlon (Felicity Huffman) went south. Meanwhile, Aubry Taylor (Caitlin Gerard) was asked to testify against Carter Nix (Elvis Nolasco), whose lawyers dug up some new information regarding Matt Skokie. The crime that Hector Tonz (Richard Cabral) had committed in Mexico was also revealed.   Read on to learn more about this episode.

Hector Tonz (Richard Cabral) was transferred to a more secure wing with a better yard as part of his plea deal. Carter Nix (Elvis Nolasco) discovered that the silence in his cell was getting unbearable, and he broke down.

Meanwhile, Tony Guttierez (Johnny Ortiz) told his father, Alonzo Gutierrez (Benito Martinez) not to  keep on questioning Jenny Gutierrez (Gleendilys Inoa) about what had happened to her.

Elsewhere, Aubry Taylor (Caitlin Gerard) was being pressured to testify against Carter. It was in order to save herself from serving a sentence, especially as Hector had already agreed to a plea deal.

Russ Skokie (Timothy Hutton), while working on his shift, was suddenly called into his boss’ office. He was told that they had to let him go as they had discovered that he had lied about being a felon.

Meanwhile, Richelle (Gwendoline Yeo), Mark Skokie’s (David Hoflin) arrived at Modesto, and had lunch with Barb Hanlon (Felicity Huffman), which quickly went south. She started to accuse her of wanting to rush into things at such a critical and emotional time. It was because she thought that Mark was marrying her just to get back at her, which wasn’t true.

Inside the prison, Hector gave his testimony, in which he related that Carter had been holding a gun and that the girl that Carter had assaulted already had a lot of bruises on her arm. He then told them that Carter had told him that things had gone south pretty fast with a “white boy” who owed him. Afterwards, Hector told his lawyer that the only reason why was wanted in Mexico was because he had killed a man in order to defend a friend that quickly turned on him as he scared of the cartels there.

Meanwhile, after Tony got arrested, Alonzo and Jenny immediately went to the station. Detective Palmer (Brent Anderson) showed him the video of Tony beating up a boy who was currently still at the hospital. Afterwards, Tony refused to talk to his father and told Jenny that he had been trying to look out for her. However, she told him not to blame her. She decided to stay with her aunt and uncle for some time so that she could figure things out, and so that her father and Tony could fix their relationship. This would also give Tony some time to be able to think and figure things out.

At prison, Aliyah Shadeed (Regina King) finally managed to locate Carter. He told her that he would confess to anything so that he would be able to get back with Aubry, who had saved him when he tried to kill himself. She then went to the Deputy Mayor’s office for help, but it was to no avail. Afterwards, they discovered that Matt Skokie had been part of several anit-government groups and that Gwen had slept around with other men.

A distressed Eve Carlin (Penelope Ann Miller) talked to a priest for comfort. He told him that Gwen was diagnosed with ephasia, while Tom Carlin (W. Earl Brown) told Russ that he was not going to have anything to do with the Skokie family anymore.

Aubry then decided to lie and told them that Carter’s friends had abused her, just like her brother’s friends did, so that she could be declared mentally unfit to testify against Carter.

After talking to Carter again, and after realizing how alone he felt, Aliyah realized that Carter wasn’t just a cause that she had to fight for- he was her brother. She then went on the record as she was going to try and rally support from anyone who could help her fight against the injustices being done against Carter.

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