American Crime Recap: Episode Three

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
American Crime Recap: Episode Three
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American Crime” Season 1 Episode 3 “Episode Three” aired last Thursday, Mar. 19, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. In this episode, Russ Skokie (Timothy Hutton) applied for a job at Modesto, and teamed up with Tom (W. Earl Brown) and Eve Carlin (Penelope Ann Miller) against his wife, Barb Hamlin (Felicity Huffman), so that Matt’s body could be returned to Oakland. Aliyah Shadeed (Regina King), Carter Nix’s (Elvis Nolasco) sister reached out to help him. Aubry Taylor’s (Caitlin Gerard) foster father came to help her try to get clean in exchange for legal help for Carter. Meanwhile, Jenny Gutierez (Gleendilys Inoa) realized that her father, Alonzo Gutierez (Benito Martinez) was always there for her, and Tony Gutierrez’s (Johnny Ortiz) fate was revealed. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the Gutierez household, Jenny Gutierez (Gleendilys Inoa) refused to speak to her father, Alonzo Gutierez (Benito Martinez). He told the reporters outside his house that everything was the fault of Hector Tonz (Richard Cabral), who was illegal.

At the juvenile detention center, his son, Tony Gutierez (Johnny Ortiz), became the target of his white bunkmates. He was helped out by a fellow inmate after he was deliberately hit in the face with a basketball.

At the District Attorney’s office, Barb Hamlin (Felicity Huffman) and Nancy Straumberg (Lili Taylor) tried to convince the District Attorney that Matt’s murder had been a hate crime. Her husband, Russ Skokie (Timothy Hutton), applied for a job in the local Home Improvement center.

Meanwhile, in the prison hospital, Hector learned that he would forever have a limp due to his injury and that he would be deported in five to six weeks. Because of this, his roommate advised him to make use of that time to steal the medication from the hospital and sell them to the inmates.

Jenny, whom Tony believed was the only person who cared about him, and who looked after him, came to visit, but he refused to see their father. When the parole officer asked Jenny about their situation at home, she revealed that she had to grow up fast as she had to take care of things after their mother died. She also told him that Tony’s life had been good. The only bad thing that their father did was that he treated Tony like a baby, as he had been afraid of losing him, just as he had lost their mother.

Meanwhile, Barb, after being served with papers that stated that Russ and the others were taking custody of Matt’s body, agreed to meet with Russ to discuss things. However, she was told that Matt’s body wouldn’t be going with her. It was because of that, she lashed out at Russ, and blamed him for bringing in the culture of “addiction” into their family. Later, she was told by Nancy that the District Attorney wouldn’t add the charge of a hate crime to Carter’s murder charge.

At the hotel, Aubry Taylor (Caitlin Gerard) informed her foster father, whom she had called for help and money. She liked to get high because when that happened and  she was able to experience a better life. She then told him that she was on probation. He agreed to meet her mother and brother, and would receive counseling in exchange for legal help for Carter.

Meanwhile, Aliyah Shadeed (Regina King), formerly Doreen Nix, visited her brother on his birthday and wondered why he had left a good job and wife for Aubry and drugs. She then told him that she could get him good legal help, but he left after she refused to send a message to Aubry.

Meanwhile, Eve Carlin (Penelope Ann Miller) revealed to her husband that Gwen had been seeing other men receive “gratification” when Matt had started doing and dealing drugs. She had also advised Gwen to stay in the marriage. She told Tom that she had been getting help for Matt. Enraged by the fact that she didn’t tell him about this, Tom left their rooms.

Jenny, in the meantime, attended a block party. She became scared when the police asked for her license as identification. She later went to her father for comfort, who promised that Tony would come home soon. However, when he visited the parole officer, he was told that they weren’t going to charge Tony for murder. He wouldn’t be released to Alonzo yet as Tony refused to speak to his father. It was because they believed that he needed counseling and “interdiction” as he did things that he knew would upset his father. This left poor Alonzo speechless in despair.

Russ, on the other hand, managed to secure the job that he had applied for.

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