American Crime Spoilers: What to Expect for Season Two

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
American Crime Spoilers: What to Expect for Season Two
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Director Ridley Scott’s anthology drama series, “American Crime”, which just concluded airing its first season on ABC, according to Deadline and TV Line, will be back with a vengeance with a brand  new story, and according to TV Line, with several familiar faces, when it returns for a second season next year. Read on to learn a little bit more about the upcoming second season of Ridley Scott’s anthology drama.

According to TV Line, Ridley Scott’s crime anthology drama series “American Crime”, which won over the hearts of critics, is set to return for a second season with a different storyline or case, and in a different part of the United States of America.

The first season, which concluded a little bit over a month ago, explored issues regarding race, family, faith, and justice. The story focused on the aftermath which affected several families and individuals in Modesto, California, after a white military man had been shot to death, and after his wife was beaten. As the story progressed, not only did the characters and the affected families undergo emotional journeys, but more and more ugly truths regarding the victims came out, which made it particularly difficult for the couple’s family to accept.

According to Deadline, the second season will begin filming soon in Texas, as was the case with the first season, and will begin production next month.

According to TV Line, the second season will concentrate on “gender issues, sexual orientation and sexual identity”, and will be set somewhere at a prestigious preparatory school somewhere in the Midwest. The season’s new case will feature a new crime, a “disparate student body”, and a homosexual athlete.

Several familiar faces are also on board for the second installment of the anthology series, as TV Line and Deadline reported that Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton, who starred in the first season as the estranged parents of one of the victims, will be back for the second season and that they will be in new and different roles.

According to TV Line, actress Regina King, who in the first season portrayed the devout Muslim sister of the  accused, will be cast in a very different role as well.

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Catch an all new second season of “American Crime” when it returns next year on ABC.

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