‘American Horror Story’ Star Evan Peters Talks About Girls, Teenagers And Instagram!

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘American Horror Story’ Star Evan Peters Talks About Girls, Teenagers And Instagram!

“American Horror Story” star Evan Peters is a new single in town. After troublesome long relationship with Emma Roberts, Evan Peters has opened about the kind of girl he is looking forward to dating and about his upcoming movies. Limited release “Safelight” had Evan Peters playing the role of Charles, a teenage boy with cerebral palsy.

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, the “American Horror Story” star Evan Peters expressed as to what contemplated him about taking up this job. Peters said that the physical challenge required for the role was one thing and he really felt for the character. He added, “It’s tough, it’s a really difficult life, but people power through and they push through and that’s what’s so beautiful about it.”

Evan Peters will be next seen in “Elvis & Nixon” comedy drama based on Elvis Persley and also, “X-Men Apocalypse”. In “X-Men Apocalypse” Evan Peters will be seen playing the role of supersonic speedy mutant Peter Maximoff / Quicksilver. “X-Men Apocalypse” will be releasing on May 27, 2016.

In the interview, Evan Peters also opened up about dating and the fact that he is not a first impression guy. Peters admitted that on the first three dates he will be seen just struggling for words. Moving forward, he is looking for someone who will be ready to give him chances and not freak-out at one time only.

Evan Peters clearly stated that girls who do not believe in giving chance are not someone he will ever go for. Although, Evan Peters did not forgot to state that he so does not get the whole buff around today’s teens over ‘bae’. He tries explaining, “It’s like babe but it’s bae. It’s with no b. OK, great, all right. I guess it’s easier to say.”

Evan Peters laugh off the teenagers who are going crazy over selfie and selfie sticks. He added, “I think they’re kind of hilarious. And Instagram — I never really understood it!”

Watch “Safelight” Movie Trailer:

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