American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: Blood Bath

By April Lara | 3 years ago
American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: Blood Bath
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Things got dark in the latest episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” Season 4, Episode 8 “Blood Bath.” Read on for the full recap.

Gloria was still bothered with everything that’s going on around her household, especially with her son, Dandy, that she sent her to a psychiatrist. However, before Danny gets in, we saw Gloria first talking to the psychiatrist who has his back turned for viewers not to see. We’re thinking that he’s an important character in the show that will be later on revealed and will give “American Horror Freak: Freak Show” a major plot twist.

Gloria was talking about her son, Dandy, and even recalled memories of his childhood and all the stuff that he’s done. And that being said, all the gruesome stuff that you can never believe a child could do. The mysterious psychiatrist asked her if Dandy has done recent stuff that can prove her suspicions, and Gloria gave a vague answer because maybe she just can’t say that her son has recently killed their maid.

When it was Dandy’s turn, he talked about all the gruesome stuff — murders, deaths and blood — and that just confirmed that he really is a psycho. 

Meanwhile, Elsa was looking for Ma Petite, and Jimmy found her clothes and claimed that she was eaten by an animal. Elsa was so devastated to hear this, while Ethel became even more suspicious that it was Elsa who killed Ma Petite after hearing her plot the deaths of the twins in the previous episode.

Ethel confronted her long-time BFF and accused her of killing Ma Petite. Elsa was surprised to hear of this accusation because she really didn’t kill her, but there’s no way to convince Ethel, especially when she pulled a gun and shot Elsa on her leg. That’s when she found out that Elsa was only wearing a pair of wooden legs. Elsa sat her friend down and told her about Axeman who fixed her up when she lost her legs, but still, Ethel was determined to kill her. However, Elsa was quicker when she threw a knife at Ethel, and it hit her straight in the eye.

Stanley helped Elsa cleaned up the murder by making it look like Ethel died from a crash plus a suicide. Maggie was the one who told Jimmy that he’s mom’s dead, and of course, Jimmy was so upset. They held a funeral for Ethel, and Desiree had enough of the deaths that usually involves women that she started a movement to protect “women’s rights,” and Penny was on board. Their first target? Her father.

They sneaked into Penny’s house to ambush her father, and they were very close to killing him when Maggie showed up and told them to stop. They did stop, but Penny made sure that she has proven a point to her father, which means that he can no longer be cruel to her. The wheels have turned, poor man.

Elsewhere, Elsa got herself a new freak to replace Ethel — Barbara, a very fat woman.

In the Mott’s residence, there was a surprise visitor — Gabourey Sidibe, Patti’s daughter who came looking for her. Gloria made up an excuse as to why her mother wasn’t there, and she stayed around. Dandy was fidgety and told his mother to get rid of her, and Gloria did. This was her breaking point that after she told her son that she couldn’t take it anymore and was about to pull her gun from her bag when she realized it wasn’t there. it was already in her son’s possession, standing behind her, about to commit suicide. Gloria tried to stop her son. Instead, Dandy killed her and bathed in her blood in the tub.

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