American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: Bullseye

By April Lara | 3 years ago
American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: Bullseye
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It’s Elsa’s birthday, and things took an interesting turn in “American Horror Story: Freak Show” Episode 6 “Bullseye.” Read on to learn more about this episode.

Elsa has finally decided to go with television because that’s how she wants fame and people. She’s ready to leave every thing behind just to get the fame that she has always been dreaming of. However, it’s her birthday, and she should be happy, right? In the freakiest way possible, though.

We found out that there’s something going on between her and Paul. And she even told Paul that she’s going to give him a new life once she got the fame that she wants. However, Paul has other plans because he’s in love with Penny, and Penny’s in love with him too.

Paul bought Penny the perfume that she loves, but he met Dandy along the way and accused him of the disappearance of Bette and Dot. Dandy got so mad at this that he left the store. On the other hand, Penny’s father is very strict, and he always checks up on Penny while Penny is becoming more rebellious, especially now that she found the love of her life.

When Paul came to Elsa, Elsa smelled the perfume and asked him whom he's been sleeping with. Paul answered him that it’s none of her business. Of course, this angered Elsa, and she got so jealous that she lashed out her anger on the freaks. She told them that they wouldn’t be here without her, and Jimmy asked her how they could prove their loyalty to her. Elsa then pointed at the Spinning Wheel of Death that she placed on the stage. She wanted someone strapped in there to prove their loyalty to her.

Paul volunteered himself and got a dagger in his stomach. Penny’s dad caught her sneaking out, and they argued. She told her father that she wants to start living a real life then she ran to where Paul was and saw him injured, and she still joined him. We can just see Elsa seething.

Meanwhile, Dandy is in love with the sisters, and Bette is too while Dot is of course pessimistic. She was only interested in Dandy’s talks of having them both separated, but only one of them can live. Dot’ thought that it would be her. Dandy found Dot’s diary because it spiked his curiosity because he always sees her writing on it, and he wanted to take a peek, but boy,  that was such a wrong move because clearly on the diary Dot has written stuff about him that weren’t good at all. This upset him. He declared that his life’s purpose is to bring death, but just when he was seething from what he read on Dot’s diary, Jimmy came for the girls.

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