American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: Edward Mordrake Part 1

By April Lara | 3 years ago
American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: Edward Mordrake Part 1
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Two new characters have been introduced on American Horror Story: Freak Show.” Episode 3 “Edward Mordrake: Part 1.” It was said that these characters are bound to spread more evil in the already freakishly world of Jupiter, Florida. Read on for the full recap.

Two medical doctors are interested in the freaks and their freaky body parts that could sell up to $5,000. We met Dr. Mansfield and his assistant, Esmerelda. Their eagerness led them to the freak show in order to talk directly to the show runner, Elsa. Esmerelda pretended to be a fortune teller before talking to Elsa. She predicted her future by telling her that she’s going to be more famous. She said that there will be a man who will arrive who will help her achieve her dreams. Elsa was under the pretense that Dr. Mansfield is exactly the man the fortune teller has predicted. By then, they will take all the necessary steps to get those body parts.

We found out that Dr. Mansfield is gay and has a huge package. He seems to be paying people to get laid, while Del seemed to be having a hard time getting laid. In fact, he’s the total opposite of the gay doctor. It seems like there will be tension between these two as Dr. Mansfield enters the camp. Meanwhile, Dandy was still aiming to be Twisty, the Killer Clown, while the clown continues to murder people.

Meanwhile, we found out that Ethel has a liver disease, and she told the tale of Edward Mordrake. He is part of a superstition that if freaks perform on Halloween, his spirit will come and take away one soul from the camp. He’s a two-faced man who’s out to suck in some soul. Elsa did perform on Halloween, and we think that she did this intentionally because she thinks that it will be Edward Mordrake  who will make her famous. A green mist float into the camp. It went inside Ethel’s trailer, but he didn’t take away her soul. On the other hand, she has always wanted to die because of the guilt that she feels for exploiting her son’s lobster hands. 

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