American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: Massacres and Matinees

By April Lara | 3 years ago
American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: Massacres and Matinees
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The killer clown has gained a new friend, while Dell’s arrival to the Freak Show heated things up in the latest episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” Episode 2 “Massacres and Matinees.” Read on to find out what happened.

The cops have their eyes on the freaks. With all the killings that are happening around town, they are keeping an eye on Elsa Mars’ freak show. And of course, this isn’t good for business. They set a curfew for the residents, which also means that Elsa Mars has to adjust her shows. Apparently, the killer takes crucial body parts from his victims, and that’s what we saw with Mr. Hanley without his head, and it was the Scary Clown behind the murder.

Meanwhile, the scene changed to Dandy and his mother Gloria. Dandy has been having problems of his own because he’s bored, and he wants some excitement in his life. He is perfectly normal, but he thinks he is not. Hence, he wants to join the freaks. Dandy talked to Jimmy about this, but Jimmy was skeptical because he sees Dandy as someone who’s perfectly normal, and he couldn’t contribute anything to their show. Devastated, Dandy went home to his mother and was surprised when Gloria told him that she has a surprise for him. There, the scary clown looking all sad and just like Dandy — bored. He tried to amuse him, but the clown wasn’t amused at all. The clown knocked him out, and they got to his trailer where Dandy found his two victims. The clown’s victims almost ran away and knocked out the clown, but Dandy caught them and gave them to the clown. It seems like Dandy isn’t bored anymore and has found his “calling” with the clown. The clown was happy to have a wingman.

Dell’s arrival to the show was something — he came with his wife, Desiree Dupree, a woman with three breasts. It turns out that Dell has been killing the men that Desiree has been sleeping with in all the places that they’ve been, and Dell came to Elsa because they don’t have anywhere to go to. Elsa agreed to take them in because they’re just some of the perfect freaks that she needs to add up to her collection of freaks.

Dell greeted Ethel, and we found out that Dell is actually the father of Jimmy. He tried to kill him once to save him from misery because of his lobster hands. Ethel told him never to come close to her boy. Dell has also been assigned to run the whole security for Elsa’s whole operation.

Meanwhile, Bette and Dot are having a hard time because Bette can’t sing, but she’s actually the performer. Jimmy had an idea that maybe Dot could sing. However, Dot is a tough nut to crack, but Jimmy was able to convince her, and she sang and gained the hearts of the audience. However, this called for attention because the cops arrived to search the premises. They searched Dell’s trailer and wasn’t able to find anything there until they got to The Greek’s trailer and found the badge of their missing detective. They brought him to jail.

Jimmy went to the local diner together with some freaks, and Dell got so mad at this because he thinks that Jimmy is giving the locals a free show already. He told Elsa to get rid of Dell because he might ruin everything, but Elsa didn’t listen to him until she found the posters that Dell put up around town and found her name listed on the bottom.  

The episode ended with The Geek’s body thrown at their doorstep.

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