American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: Orphans

By April Lara | 3 years ago
American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: Orphans
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The latest episode of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” Episode 10 “Orphans” shed light on Pepper’s life. We were also taken down memory lane and a peek on what’s to come in the future for Elsa Mars. Read on for our full recap.

The episode kicked off with Salty dead and Pepper mourning beside him. This scene was so devastating that Pepper even tried to wake him up with his favorite toy. Its been days since the death of Salty, and Pepper was still grieving. The freaks were starting to get really bothered, so Stanley offered to help. He chopped off Salty’s head and put it in a glass cage for his museum.

It was surprising that Elsa was so affected. That’s when we learn about her special relationship with Pepper. Desiree also showed her good side by reading a bedtime story to Pepper to help her out during this difficult time in her life.

Now let’s take a step back to when Elsa met Pepper. Elsa was younger then, and when World War II started, she realized that only the freaks would be left behind and that should be her next line of business because it’s something that will perish amidst the chaos. Her first freak member is a pinhead. She started looking, and she found Pepper. That time, Pepper was in an orphanage, and they kept her even though she’s old enough to be in one. Elsa won her heart over and was able to adopt her.

And then Elsa brought in Ma Petite because Pepper wanted to be a mommy. Elsa gave her what she wanted. After a while, she wanted to have a husband, and that’s when Elsa brought in Salty. Pepper and Salty hit it off right away.

We also saw how Desiree fell in love with Theo Huxtable. And as much as Dale wanted to get her back, she just told him no because he’s a homosexual, and she went off with Theo. Basking in their love, they went to Maggie to have their future read. Maggie was in a bad mood because she just got dumped by Jimmy and even caught him having sex with the fat woman. Now the love of her life is locked up in jail.

Due to her bad mood, she gave such a harsh reading for Desiree and Theo. Because of this, Desiree confronted Maggie. Maggie surprisingly blurted out her real identity. We also saw how she and Stanley met, but this didn’t impress Desiree and threatened to kill her if she found out that the cause of the mysterious deaths that have been happening is her fault.

Then Bette and Dot visited Maggie in her tent, who were trying to convince her to get Jimmy out of jail. Maggie went back the next day to Desiree to admit more stuff about her. And then she brought her to the museum where all of the freaks were placed inside a glass, and then Maggie came face-to-face with what looks like Jimmy’s lobster hands! Yikes!

Meanwhile, Stanley visited Jimmy and offered to get him a lawyer in exchange for his lobster hands.

Going back to Pepper’s life, it seemed like Elsa really genuinely love her that she sent her to her sister because she knows that she’s better off there and would be able to live a normal life. Her sister took Pepper in, and there was a scene where Elsa and Pepper exchanged a heartbreaking farewell.

Fast forward to the life of Pepper, Elsa’s sister had a baby who was stangely deformed, and she and her husband resent the child. Pepper was the only one who took care of the baby. Until one day, the couple decided to kill the baby and get rid of Pepper at the same time by putting the blame on her. That’s why Pepper ended up in Briarcliff. We saw Lily Rable as Sister Mary Eunice again. This was 10 years later, so “Asylum” is actually the “future.”

Sister Mary Eunice came to Pepper, and she saw that she’s innocent and have a pure heart. That’s when she had a soft spot for Pepper. And to wrap up this episode, we saw Peppr with tears as she looks at a magazine cover with Elsa Mars on it with the headline “TV’s Elsa Mars: She Still Owns Friday Night.” And that only means one thing: Elsa will make her dreams come true — to be famous.

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