American Horror Story: Hotel Premiere Explodes in Sex, Guts, Violence and Gore

By Atanu Shaw | 2 years ago
American Horror Story: Hotel Premiere Explodes in Sex, Guts, Violence and Gore

American Horror Story Season 5 was not a disappointment for people who were anticipating a horror anthology at full throttle. The latest Season premiere has had fans sitting on the edge of their seats as one gory scene open on top of another one. Almost everyone who watched the first episode might just agree that there is definitely more sex, gut-spilling, terror and violence in this opening episode than in all the show’s darkest installment.

The story got an added sheen with the addition of its glossy new star in the person of Lady Gaga who plays the role of the Countess, the owner of The Cortez Hotel. Her name is Elizabeth and she is a very wealthy social doyenne, who is consumed with art and fashion and people. According to TVLine her character has a nefarious plan which will play out as the season unfolds. Actually, avid followers of AHS have already glimpsed her wickedness in the first episode.

American Horror Story returns this season with a startling, garish, ghoulish peek inside the walls of The Cortez. “Checking In,” the first episode of the season, went straight for the jugular and shoots off all conceivable (and even the far-fetched and improbable) horrifying scenes in just one serving — the blood-soaked foursome, ghastly murder with gouged eye neatly placed in an ashtray, raping monster with a drill-bit dildo, gruesome tourist trap hotel. Is it a promise of more ghastliness, terror and horror to come?

Have you seen the AHS:Hotel first episode? Were you shocked and left in awe? Or, was it shock and ‘what was that all about’ kind of reaction?

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