‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Star Lady Gaga on Working on The Show and How Her Colleagues See Her

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Star Lady Gaga on Working on The Show and How Her Colleagues See Her
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Fame, usually, comes with a high price. For music and fashion icon Lady Gaga, this, of course, is true, due to her meteoric rise in fame, as well as the fact that she often goes on tours and does concerts all the time.

However, this fall season, Lady Gaga has entered into a different world, as she tackled her very first acting and television project with Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story: Hotel”. With all the buzz around it, and with the first episode of the season having just aired last Wednesday, October 7, 2015, this new version of Lady Gaga has gotten many fans and viewers excited over how she will translate to the small screen. However, Lady Gaga as the fearsome Countess isn’t the only image of Lady Gaga that fans and viewers will see, as several interviews have just been released which show a whole new side to the fashion and music icon, when they are off camera, and while they filmed the show. Read on to learn more about this story.

“American Horror Story: Hotel” kicked off last Wednesday, October 7, 2015 at 10:00 PM on FX, with good ratings.


According to TV Line, the ratings of the premiere episode of the season were just a little bit lower that last season’s opening, but it is hopeful that the ratings, especially when it comes to the DVR ratings, will still improve.

What is good news, however, is the fact that the series premiere came at second place when it came to ratings for that day, with FOX’s “Empire” still topping the charts at number one.

The fact that it opened at second place for that day isn’t really a big surprise, as many viewers and fans have been excitedly waiting for its premiere, specifically as this is Lady Gaga’s very first acting project.

Recently, E Online managed to sit down with the star on the set of “American Hotel: Horror Story”, where they learned that she had actually been nervous about the project, as this was her first time to act on television, and as this is something totally new to her.


The working environment of being on a television show is very different from being on tour and doing concerts, as she is constantly surrounded by others, both on and off set.

However, her fiancé, “Chicago Fire’s” Taylor Kinney, and some other members of the “Chicago Fire” cast were there on hand to help her out by telling her what to expect on set.

She also shared that she was amazed that Kinney was enthusiastic about her doing the project, as he would be able to help her out, and as they would be able to practice together.

Meanwhile, her colleagues and cast-mates, from Kathy Bates, all the way down to Ryan Murphy, have nothing but praise for Lady Gaga, according to a series of interviews that E Online did with the cast members and producers of the show.

According to them, Lady Gaga was very enthusiastic, warm, and a very sweet and warm person, which are things that most people wouldn’t expect from her.

In her initial interview with E Online, the star also mentioned that she tried to be as open and as warm as she could be to her cast mates, especially as she wanted them to see that she was really just a normal human being, and just another actress, instead of seeing her as a very famous celebrity.
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