American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 6: Shelby, Matt’s Roanoke Nightmare Not Over; Cheyenne Jackson Slaughtered Next?

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 6: Shelby, Matt’s Roanoke Nightmare Not Over; Cheyenne Jackson Slaughtered Next?
American Horror Story Season 6 on FX

Last week’s episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke saw the conclusion to the terrifying tale of Matt (Andre Holland), Shelby (Lilly Rabe) and their haunted home in North Carolina. While the couple was able to get out of the territory alive, it looks like the horror is not over yet.

Much like in previous seasons, Episode 6 is crucial. It is expected to contain a huge twist that will change the show forever. The teaser (embedded below) for the next episode already hints at a major shift in the story arc for the sixth season, but what else can viewers expect from the top-rated horror anthology?

In the new photos released by FX, the talking heads for Shelby and Matt are back inside their home in North Carolina. View the photos on Yahoo!.

The new teasers for Episode 6 of American Horror Story: Roanoke back rumors that even the people behind the documentary will be plagued by the Lost Colony. According to a previous report by Movie News Guide, that Rabe’s character will have to run for her life in Episode 6. The IMDB for the show’s sixth season lists a stunt double for Rabe (something she will not need if she remains seated in front of the camera for the entire season).

Speculations also claim that Shelby and Matt might not be telling the whole truth. One theory suggests that the husband and wife are covering up their own murders. They did it by telling an outlandish story of a haunted house where ghosts of the Lost Roanoke Colony roam and terrorize the land. Another viewer thinks that, perhaps, like the Millers, Shelby and Matt got out of the property alive by promising to bring more people to be slaughtered by The Butcher.

Forget the Crew Slaughter Theory from AmericanHorrorStory

Whatever will happen to Shelby, Matt and the crew of My Roanoke Nightmare, it will be captured by the character of Cheyenne Jackson. The producer of the horror documentary instructed his cameraman to keep on filming whatever happens. It looks like he and his crew will go back to the house to investigate.

American Horror Story: Roanoke Episode 6 will air on Oct. 19 on FX.

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