American Horror Story Season 6: Four New Teasers And A Poster, Feminine Recurrence in Teasers Too Fishy?

By Manjira Basu | 2 years ago
American Horror Story Season 6: Four New Teasers And A Poster, Feminine Recurrence in Teasers Too Fishy?

The American Horror Story team is having grand fun throwing all these random teasers at the audience for Season 6. The FX horror series must be a unique TV show to have released 19 teasers for a season (without giving away the plot!). And now a disturbing poster as well.

Recently, four new trailers reached the audience online. Looking closely at the four new teasers, only one of them goes beyond theatrics to really suggest something.

The third teaser (#Teaser18) follows hairs running into a drain to focus on the back of the girl. The face turns to feature only a creepy monster mouth. But what really catches the attention of the audience is the recurring voice of a humming girl.

Reports have suggested before that American Horror Story Season 6 may have children as their theme. The humming girl’s voice being a recurring instance is making the speculation stronger by the day.  But again the first trailer sporting a surreal eye in a mouth reminds fans of Season 3, Coven, while the asphyxiated mouth of the cloaked face recalls the Season 1 Murder House. So can this myth be true that American Horror Story Season 6 will draw a common line across all the other seasons?

Furthermore, FX has gone ahead and released a poster featuring a side face of a female with an elk-like horn twisting out of her head. The horn makes the symbolic question mark all the teasers have been making. So now fans are wondering if the picture is just repetitive art or pointing at the season’s new big bad?

Entertainment Weekly believes the ghastly creature featured in the poster can actually be a new addition to the show’s monster squad.

The recurrence of a femme fatale in several of the teasers is leading fans to look for a girl threat in season 6. But what is uncertain is if it will be a single girl or multiple ghostly creatures walking about the sets of American Horror Story Season 6.

Another theory says the Wind Chimes teaser may be the key to the murder mystery. It appears Ryan Murphy had come up with the idea of hedge clipper killers in Season 1 and then dropped it. But the creative tea is now ready to pick up that thread again and spin it into their Season 6 master tale.

The theory has come up from the fact that Wind Chimes is the only trailer that does not resemble a horror movie. Moreover, it features a nurse cutting wind chimes made of teeth using hedge clippers. There, again, isn’t there something fishily feminine about the teasers? Fans will find out on September 14 on FX.

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