American Idol Season 15 Recap: Bus Tour Auditions [WATCH VIDEO]

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
American Idol Season 15 Recap: Bus Tour Auditions [WATCH VIDEO]
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Kansas City hopefuls continue to try their luck in becoming the next American Idol as the show’s episode continues with Kansas City auditions. Read on for the recap on “American Idol’s” Bus Tour Auditions, which aired on Jan. 14, 2015 on Fox.

“American Idol” continues to search for the best singers and performers across the US as it kicks off with the bus tour auditions in Kansas City. The concept behind the bus tour auditions is that the bus travels around and invites some of the best contestants in small cities to audition in front of the judges at the Bartle Hall Convention Center in Kansas City.

First up is Big Ron (real name: Ron Wilson), who, according to him, is called “Big Sexy” by the ladies. Big Ron thinks that Jennifer Lopez will like him. He walks off while singing a slowed version of J.Lo’s “Jenny from the Block.” Big Ron then proceeds with his audition piece, “Let’s Get It On.” Harry Connick Jr. tells him that there’s a lot of showmanship, but Big Ron should focus on the vocal oomph. Big Ron gets three yeses and walks away with the golden ticket.

Joey Cook sings “The King of Spain,” which caused the judges to go wild. Harry advises Joey to be careful not to become too much of a novelty. Alexis Gomez performs a unique version of country music. Joey and Alexis both leave the audition room with a golden ticket in their hands.

Anton Bushner, 19, sings Keith Urban’s “Tonight I Wanna Cry.” Anton gets emotional while singing but still gets home with a golden ticket. The 18-year-old Stephanie Gummet performed an original song, and while doing an original is always a risk, Stephanie succeeds in charming the judges. She gets two yeses from Keith and Jennifer.

Ashley Stehle might be one of the best “American Idol” audition stories out there as she reveals that both her parents have been deaf her entire life. She told the judges that her dad got himself a new hearing aid for Christmas so that he could hear her sing. J.Lo was crying before Ashley started singing. And while her story might be heartbreaking, her voice wasn’t really up to the “American Idol” standards. Harry tells her that her family loves her so much that it fills his heart, but she’s not yet ready. Keith says it’s beyond heartbreaking to say no to Ashley. Ashley walks away with three nos.

Keith stands up when he hears that Ellen Petersen is from Branson, MO. Ellen performs “I Want to Be a Cowboy Sweetheart” with her banjo. J.Lo tells her that she’s about to bloom while Keith says that she’s almost like a pro. Keith and Harry ask Ellen to play the banjo for them as they sing the “Beverly Hillbillies” theme.

Kohlton Pascal tells the judges that he got so bored that he tried to do music. He sings an original song. All the judges agree that he’s got a wonderful voice, but they all share the same worry that he might not be able to captivate the audience. Kohlton still walks away with three yeses.

Ryan Seacrest asks the judges if they’ve already found the next American Idol as they feast over a rack of meat. J.Lo confidently says, “We’ve found some top tens.”

On the next episode of “American Idol,” Adam Lambert performs and subs in as New York hopefuls will try their luck in becoming the next American Idol.

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