American Mary is a Fun Movie despite Flaws

By admin | 6 years ago

American Mary is a Fun Movie despite FlawsAmerican Mary is the type of movie that is still fun despite having flaws in it. The amount of positive stuff in it can overcome the bad. Despite the flaws in its script and editing, the movie manages to give out a positive vibe with its wit and personality.

American Mary has two female actresses who give out gripping performances. They require the viewers’ attention and sympathies. Katharine Isabelle plays Mary Mason, a medical student who dreams of becoming a surgeon. But her dream is blocked by her empty bank account.

To make up for it, she auditions for a strip club. Before she can go through with it, she finds herself using her medical skills on a man who needs a new eyeball. She is paid more than what she could have earned in the strip club and so she looks for customers who are in need of surgical help and body modifications that hospitals don’t allow. These include removing a woman’s breasts, adding devil horns, and splitting man’s penis in half.

She makes new friends during her surgery-for-profit operation. One of whom is Beatress Johnson (Tristan Risk), who wants to look like Betty Boop. She is also romantically linked to Billy Barker, who is the club manager.

American Mary is written and directed by The Twisted Twins Jen and Sylvia Soska. This is just their second movie after their debut film, Dead Hooker in a Trunk. The movie is beautifully shot and has a vibrant color palette. The story is fresh and focuses on the character instead of just copying grindhouse clichés. It manages to entertain the audience, who will be heard laughing and cheering for Mary.

But American Mary has a lot of flaws. It feels like the Soskas twins can’t decide if the movie is a black comedy, revenge thriller or a body horror flick. It is a mix of all three but the twins didn’t manage to combine them effectively. And also in the third part of the movie, Mary takes an unexpected turn that somehow disconnects the character with the viewers.

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