American Odyssey Recap: Beat Feet

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
American Odyssey Recap: Beat Feet
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“American Odyssey” Season 1 Episode 5 “Beat Feet” aired last Sunday, April 26, 2015 at 10:00 PM. In this episode, Sergeant Odelle Ballard (Anna Friel) quickly discovered whom she could trust and whom she shouldn’t trust. Meanwhile, Peter Decker’s (Peter Facinelli) life continued to spiral out of control after his good friend, Joe Abrams (Darren Goldstein) was set up by his own bosses, leading him to further alienate his own family. Meanwhile, Harrison Walters (Jake Robinson) continued to dig deeper into the truth, and the truth about Ruby Simms (Daniella Pineda) was revealed. Meanwhile, in Bamako, Aslam’s  (Omar Ghazaoui) uncle, Shakir Khan (Yousef Sweid) began to look for his missing nephew. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began where the last episode left off with Sergeant Odelle Ballard (Anna Friel) contacting Colonal Stephen Glen (Treat Williams), who told her to give General Diallo (Itoya Osagiede), who was taking her to the American Embassy, the slip and to go to a CIA safe house nearby.

Back in New York, Harrison Walters (Jake Robinson) paid a visit to Bob Offer (Nate Mooney), who told him that his father, Randall, had talked to a man named David Tenant, who dealt with military infrastructure in Mali and other countries, before he died.

Meanwhile, back in Bamako, Aslam (Omar Ghazaoui) gave up the thumb drive to Luc Girard (Gregory Fitoussi), who had decided to abduct him in order to find out why the Ansar Dine wanted him so badly.

While this happened, Diallo’s car was stopped by protestors. Odelle then took the opportunity to slip off to go to the CIA safe house, where she was greeted by Rich Alexander (Kyle Soller). However, Odelle found the debriefing strange as Rich was telling her that insurgents had killed her unit, which wasn’t the case.

Back in New York, Harrison discovered that Tenant was his father’s source for an unfinished article on some oil fields in Pakistan called Black Sands. After discovering where Tenant was from Bob, he went to confront him, but Tenant just drove away from him.

Meanwhile, Peter Decker (Peter Facinelli) was confronted by his boss, as he had upset Alex Baker (Jay Sanders). He was then told to cooperate with them as they were currently opening an investigation into some dealings of Societelle and Simon-Wachtall’s.

Peter then decided to cooperate, but realized that something was amiss after they dismissed his findings and concentrated on Joe Abrams (Darren Goldstein). This made him realized that they were trying to set Joe up to be the scapegoat, and warned him about it. Later that night, he left his wife to deal with his daughter, who wanted to go into the city on a date with an older boy, as Joe had gotten arrested.

In prison, after discovering that Joe had been asked to spy on him at first, which was how Baker and their boss, Frank MacDonald (Sherman Augustus), had learned about Danny Gentry, Peter promised to help him as much as he could.

At the safe house, Odelle confronted Glen over the phone after discovering the news that she had been buried, and was told to rest assured that they were going to rescue her. After locking her up, Rich opened the door for the extraction team, only to be killed. Odelle then managed to escape, and bumped into a good Samaritan who took her in as her leg was bleeding.

At the same time, Luc realized that the Ansar Dine wanted Aslam because of the information on the thumb drive and for his connection to Odelle.

Meanwhile, Harrison got abducted by Tenant who told him to stop asking questions. This worried Ruby as she thought that her boss had abducted her “target”. Later that night, Michael Banks (Connor Trinneer), who owned Osela, before kissing her, told Ruby that she would have to kill Harrison if he learned the truth about Black Sands.

Later that night, Peter discovered that Joe had given up all hope, as they had somehow gotten to him. After discovering that his daughter had been out all night with an unknown boy, he snapped and threw him out of the house.

Meanwhile, after a dinner with the families of Odelle’s unit, Suzanne Ballard (Sadie Sink) discovered that her father was crying. As she comforted him, he told her that he missed Odelle very much.

Back in Bamako, Odelle and Luc became surprised when Shakir Khan (Yousef Sweid), upon the suggestion of his lover, Diallo, used his talk show to ask for help to find Aslam, who had suddenly gone missing from his house.

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