American Odyssey Recap: Bug Out

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
American Odyssey Recap: Bug Out
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American Odyssey” Season 1 Episode 12 “Bug Out” aired last Sunday, June 21, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. In this episode,  during a restful stop at Algeria, after hearing Sergeant Odelle Ballard (Anna Friel) and Luc Girard (Greogory Fitoussi) trying to decide his future for him, Aslam (Omar Ghazaoui) took matters into his own hands. However, it was short-lived as her presence and existence was almost immediately broadcasted to the world, much to the delight of Harrison Walters (Jake Robinson), Peter Decker (Peter Facinelli), Bob Offer (Nate Mooney) and the Ballard family, who were already at their wits end. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At Algeria, Luc Girard (Gregory Fitoussi) encouraged Sergeant Odelle Ballard (Anna Friel) to relax, as she could relax, in the first time since her unit had been destroyed, as she was currently dead to the world. This was her last stop before going to Spain in order to meet up with the journalist from the New York Times. A little bit later, the three of them enjoyed walking in the ocean. She shared her fondest memories of the beach with Aslam (Omar Ghazaoui), whom she hoped would come to America with her. However, Aslam became annoyed at both of them as she and Luc began to argue over it. Luc told her that Aslam should return with him to Tessalit.

Meanwhile, back in New York, Harrison Walters (Jake Robinson), who had a nasty cut on his hand, left the police station, and texted Peter Decker (Peter Facinelli). They needed to talk about what had just happened, and what he had just discovered.

Peter, on the other hand, discovered that Sophia Tsaldari (Orla Brady), now Prime Minister of Greece, was going to have an emergency meeting with Alex Baker (Jay O. Sanders) as she was going to accept his deal.

Meanwhile, at Bob Offer’s (Nate Mooney) apartment, Harrison told him that Ruby Simms (Daniella Pineda) and the Chief Executive Officer of Osela were together. Because of this, Bob had the idea that the two of them had a shared email account and they would pass along messages using the drafts folder.

While Bob worked on this, Harrison tried to reach Peter at his office. He was brought out by Joe Abrams (Darren Goldstein) who told him what Peter had been trying to do.

Later that night, in Algeria, Odelle discovered that there was a celebration for Luc as he had built a school and several houses there. The pair then danced while Aslam went out with a girl his age named Naima (Yasmina Achlim). However, the entire time, a young woman, a tourist, kept on staring at Odelle as if she knew her.

That same night, Bob and Harrison went over to the beach house at King’s Point. They did it in order to retrieve the key generator that would allow them to crack the email account in order to attain proof.

The next day, Peter tried to dissuade Sophia from taking the deal to no avail.

Meanwhile, in Algeria, Odelle discovered from Luc that Aslam had sabotaged the plane. She then found him in the house of Naima. She discovered that he had made plans to go to Libya with Naima’s father in order to become a brick maker. After informing Luc, Luc tried to convince Odelle to stay because she would be hunted again once she got out of Algeria. He then kissed her and left a tearful Odelle on the beach. It turned out that he had sabotaged the plane.

Later that morning, Odelle saved Naima from drowning, and because of that, the German tourist who had been looking at her, took her picture, and shared it on twitter, which was seen by everyone, including Harrison, Bob, Colonel Stephen Glen (Treat Williams), and her family, who had just given up hope to see her alive again.

Later that day, Luc and Aslam brought Odelle to the boat that get her to Europe. However, surprisingly, Aslam changed his mind and decided to leave with Odelle. However, Colonel Glen was also on his way to Spain to meet her.

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Catch the season finale of “American Odyssey” next Sunday at 10:00 p.m. on NBC.

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