American Odyssey Recap: Gingerbread

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
American Odyssey Recap: Gingerbread
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American Odyssey” Season 1 Episode 11 “Gingerbread” aired last Sunday, June 14, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. In this episode, as Peter Decker’s (Peter Facinelli) and Harrison Walters’ (Jake Robinson) lives spun out of control; Sergeant Odelle Ballard (Anna Friel) underwent a harrowing metaphysical journey that meant life or death, and Luc Girard’s (Gregory Fitoussi) plan came to fruition. Read on to learn more about this episode.

In the slums of Timbuktu, Aslam (Omar Ghazaoui) tried to remove his bonds as he was tied to the back of Luc Girard’s (Gregory Fitoussi) truck. He then realized that Luc was trying to get Osela’s attention. He was calling up Sergeant Odelle Ballard’s (Anna Friel) phone in the states, so that they could have “an out” in the entire thing.

Meanwhile, inside the hut of a shaman (Tasilimn Emiabata), the shaman took Odelle’s jump drive, sliced her arm. He told her that before dying, she would experience the suffering that she had inflicted on those who had died because of her.

Meanwhile, in New York, at the press conference regarding Yusuf Qasim’s (Anthony Azizi) fate, Harrison Walters (Jake Robinson), who told them that he knew that Yusuf had been set up as a terrorist, caught the attention of Peter Decker (Peter Facinelli). After learning that he worked for a company that handles Societelle’s accounts, he decided to go with Ruby Simms (Daniella Pineda). She had decided to pick him up for a romantic getaway weekend at Kingspoint Beach despite the freezing cold. There, the two slept together.

Back in Timbuktu, Aslam was devastated to learn that Odelle was dead and hit Luc as he was trying to explain things to him. A man from Osela (Richard Rankin) then came and demanded that Luc bring him to Odelle.

Meanwhile, after getting her face shoved in a bucket of water several times, she found herself bound to the dessert floor. The shaman then gave her a drug. It allowed her to see Shakir Khan (Yousef Sweid), Captain Worthington (Christian Contreras), Serena (Sara Martins) and Frank Majors (Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje). He forced her to realize that her pursuit of the truth had caused the deaths of the lives that she had touched, even if it was briefly. She then woke up and found herself in the hut, where the shaman proclaimed that she was ready.

Back at New York, Peter discovered that he had been fired, despite the fact that Sophia Tsaldari (Orla Brady) had taken their deal and was going to win the election in Greece. Peter then paid Joe Abrams (Darren Goldstein) a visit and got him to agree to be his “eyes and ears” within their office. Later, upon arriving home, Sarah Decker (Sarah Wynter) confronted him as two detectives had been inquiring about him. They had arrested the man who had helped Peter break into SOC’s data server, who claimed that Peter had been involved in a murder. Because of this, and because of the fact that their daughter had seen Peter alone with Sophia, Sarah demanded a divorce.

Meanwhile, at Kingspoint, Harrison woke up to find that Ruby was missing, as she was out on the beach, contemplating her orders to kill Harrison.

While she was outside, Harrison discovered Ruby’s blank passports. After finding a suspicious number on her pager, asked Bob Offer (Nate Mooney) to trace it, who managed to trace it to the chief executive officer of Osela. Because of this, Harrison, who then confronted Ruby, who had returned and had drawn her gun on him, realized that she had killed his father. She then told him that she had been ordered to kill him three days ago, but discovered that she couldn’t do it as she had fallen in love with him. She then fired two shots at the ceiling and called the police in, and died after being shot by the cops as she tried to fire on them.

Meanwhile, back in Timbuktu, the Osela man entered the shaman’s hut alone. He was knocked out and was told that he was going to be killed after Odelle.

After Odelle was shot outside, Luc managed to convince the shaman not to kill the man from Osela, to whom he gave Odelle’s dog tags. He in turn gave to Colonel Stephen Glen (Treat Williams) as proof of Odelle’s death.

Luc then got Aslam to go with him in his truck and showed Aslam that Odelle was still alive, and was being bathed by the shaman. It had all been a ruse so that Odelle’s death could be truly faked and so that Osela would finally stop hunting her, Luc, and Aslam down. Luc, who had saved them all, then drove them to where a plane was waiting for them.

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