American Sniper Synopsis & Review [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
American Sniper Synopsis & Review [WATCH VIDEO]

There are countless of movies out there that depict the true-to-life engagements of a military man both at home and in the battlefield. In “American Sniper,” it tells the life story of one of Land of the Free’s most lethal man who’s ever lived. Read on for the details of this movie review.

“American Sniper” Synopsis

The movie follows after war veteran Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) and his life’s journey as America’s most lethal sniper with a record-holding 160 confirmed kills and as the father of his household. Always coined as a hero, there was more to the inner workings of this man that made him shrug at the mention of such label. For him, his only mission was to protect his brothers-in-arms, and he was exemplary at it, to which he earned the nickname “Legend.” Caught up between his duty for his country and his family, Chris goes on with the tumultuous plunges in his four tours of duty, which also turned him into a priced target for terrorist groups. Despite the imminent dangers he’s had to face, he was able to come home to his family, bearing the SEAL creed of “leaving no man behind.” However, in the long run, he finds out that it’s the wars that he cannot simply leave behind.

“American Sniper” Review

Armed with an R-Rating, “American Sniper” is an action, drama movie that showed the ugly yet beautiful world that exists in the military. Under the direction of Clint Eastwood and portrayed exquisitely and unequivocally by Bradley Cooper, the movie brings yet another shade of how chaotic one’s life is when exposed to the literal dangers of war.

According to Variety, the movie started off directly with a predictable pacing but later on gets altered to a much more complex degree. Director Clint Eastwood definitely managed well in helming a movie that is centered on the heart and soul of the man who holds someone else’s life by the trigger of his sniper rifle. With his cinematic prowess at its finest, he was able to adapt Chris Kyle’s story into one sufficient, well-placed medium. He is then partnered with the very passionate actor Bradley Cooper. The actor/producer did an extensive research on the life of Kyle that he even put on 40 extra pounds to achieve the battle-scarred physique of the notable American Marksman.

Looking at all the reviews that are circumnavigating the web as of late, it is without a doubt that “American Sniper’s” enigmatic movie performance is as spot-on as Chris Kyle’s shooting — it’s right on target.

That ends our movie review of “American Sniper.” Continue reading Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates, previews and reviews of the latest movies.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Uploaded by United States Armed Forces

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